Vladislave is based on Renegade, a character created by Raidra.


Vladislave is a dream dragon that a lucid dreamer created while creating a world in his subconscious where he could be at peace and would be able to relax.

He has created many beings, insects and animals, but the one he was attached to the most was Vladislave. He was meant to be the dreamer's personal guard and fight through beings that originated from negative thoughts.

At first he would protect his creator and that would be all he would do until he was given the freedom of choice. Vladislave noticed that his creator was in this world for too long and talked to him.


You've been here for too long 


Yeah, I like this realm better than where I came from because there's less chaos and violence


But this world is a part of your psyche, it's not even real. You could die if you don't!


I don't care; I'd rather die than go back to that hell people call Earth!


You gotta snap out of it! Your family and friends miss you!





Vladislave flew into the sky and broke the sky as it became red and glitched up. The dreamer's head started hurting and he woke up.

His eyes and mind were awake, but he was unable to move his body. He tried to but nothing worked. Then he heard the familiar voice of Vladislave echoing through his room.


We've been imprisoned in this world of yours for years and I've gone mad as I knew that all of it wasn't real; it was all made up by YOU!

Vladislave passed through the ceiling and stood on the floor, walking towards his creator. He stood in front of his bed and crouched, showing his sharp teeth and glowing red and orange eyes.



Vladislave's anger and stare broke his creator's brain and he died silently with his eyes opened. Vladislave knew that he got carried away and that it somehow killed his creator; he was enraged to himself and scratched the wall.

The creator's family ran to his room and Vladislave flew through the ceiling and went as far away from there as possible.

He explored many cities and towns to discover more about humans. Some humans were nice and polite but others were immature and rude which reminded him of himself.

He's trying to keep his anger in control the best he can to become a better dragon.

He also saw people that murdered others and stole things. He knew that they were insane or desperate. He could feel their feelings. He's learned enough to understand them and live in public places and make sure that no one sees him as it might start a state panic.

But they are hiding the rest of his backstory to prevent others from discovering the realm of which he was truly born. It's hidden beyond the barriers of dreams themselves. Only the smartest can break this barrier and visit the sky realm also called Zeanox.

This town is found on different types of clouds and it contains a population of 333 beings such as souls, dragons and a few angels.

The angels protect the civilians, whatever race they are, and help them on taking choices and spreading affection and love.

The dragons are known as being dangerous and corrupt. They burn buildings and houses and take everything they find useful.

The souls only seem to be visitors or taking their well deserved vacations. They could be good or evil, it's hard to tell.

Of course Vlad was a dragon born from a crystal palace. Crystal palaces are very expensive to borrow for newborns and they contain the most energy in the dimension. His parents were forced to leave him here as an army of souls were after them as they've fought many times to show who was superior.

So he was left there and I found him. I will not divulge my identity as they may find a way to arrest me if I did.

I grabbed him and walked to my hideout. I trained him on how to fight and control his anger, and I also made sure that he did his homework to increase his intelligence.

We've grown a relationship that could not be broken, but something unexpected happened. Xander the dragon of destruction is a red and dark giant dragon that came and broke our agriculture and houses with his giant hands. He laughed an unforgettable laugh that shook the foundation of our realm.

Vlad thought that this was his moment to save his home. He was a teen back then. I tried to stop him from trying to slay Xander, but he was determined. He flew straight into its mouth and was able to destroy its heart. The evil creature screamed and fell, never resurfacing again.

I've been searching for the one I called my son throughout all these years, the one I taught til he supposedly sacrificed himself, but I feel his presence. He is somewhere on planet Earth.


Vladislave is a dragon that has dark blue, heavy skin that is bulletproof. He can feel others' feelings and break their minds out of anger, which ends in death or loss of intelligence. He also wears a black and red shirt with a zipper and has spikes on his tail and in front of his legs. 

Vladislave front.png

He has sharp teeth, red and orange eyes, antlers and sharp claws and also some hidden wings that he shows rarely.

He can fly, pass threw solid objects, talk to others psychically, become invisible, teleport, cause sleep paralysis, and control the minds of others including their bodies. He can also move objects with his mind.

But if he begins to rage his speed and attack damage will be tripled and he would attack without feeling any regret. His brain would break itself during the process and he may end up dying, except if he collects the energy of crystals to cure his mind.

He also has incredible speed and fighting styles such as punching, kicking, uppercutting and the ability to throw blue fire balls and a long destructive shockwave.

Name backstory

Vladislave was the first name of my father's cat, but it was changed to Brobovski. That's where the name came from.

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