For a personal project, I tried to make paper models of the Berries from the Pokemon franchise. Below is the result of my efforts. There are 122 models depicting 119 berries (I made three different models of the Chesto Berry and two different models of the Razz Berry since their video game sprites have changed over time). Some of these have not had their official sizes or colors revealed. In fact, most of the Berries from Generation II have not had any physical features revealed. Because of this, I’ve had to speculate in some cases; I’ve marked which models have details based on my speculation rather than official statistics or sprites. Some of the models are hard to see, so I apologize. For more information, here’s the Bulbapedia article on Berries as well as a YouTube video about the inspirations for most of the in-game Berries. I also have a playlist with some of these models called The Pokemon Berry Saga

Berries 1

PSNCureBerry (speculation), Pecha Berry, Drash Berry, Mint Berry (speculation), Chesto Berry, Ice Berry (speculation), Rawst berry, Yago Berry, Bitter Berry (speculation), Persim Berry, Lum Berry, Touga Berry, Burnt Berry (speculation), Aspear Berry, Pumkin Berry, Eggant Berry, PRZCureBerry (speculation), Cheri Berry, Miracle Berry (size speculation), Berry (Gen II) (size speculation), Gold Berry (size speculation), Oran Berry, Sitrus Berry, Mystery Berry (size speculation), Leppa Berry, and Ginema Berry

Berries 2

Occa Berry, Passho Berry, Wacan Berry, Rindo Berry, Yache Berry, Chople Berry, Kebia Berry, Shuca Berry, Coba Berry, Payapa Berry, Tanga Berry, Charti Berry, Kasib Berry, Haban Berry, Colbur Berry, Babiri Berry, Chilan Berry (Gen IV+), and Roseli Berry (size speculation)

Berries 3

Enigma Berry, Liechi Berry, Ganlon Berry, Salac Berry, Petaya Berry, Apicot Berry, Lansat Berry, Starf Berry, Micle Berry, Custap Berry, Kee Berry (size speculation), and Maranga Berry (size speculation)

Berries 4

Figy Berry, Wiki Berry, Mago Berry, Aguav Berry, Iapapa Berry, Pomeg Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, Grepa Berry, Tamato Berry, Jaboca Berry, and Rowap Berry

Berries 5

Razz Berry (2 different versions), Golden Razz Berry, Silver Razz Berry, Nanab Berry, Golden Nanab Berry, Silver Nanab Berry, Pinap Berry, Golden Pinap Berry, and Silver Pinap Berry

Berries 6

Razz Berry (2 different versions), Golden Razz Berry, Silver Razz Berry, Bluk Berry, Nanab Berry, Golden Nanab Berry, Silver Nanab Berry, Wepear Berry, Pinap Berry, Golden Pinap Berry, Silver Pinap Berry, Cornn Berry, Magost Berry, Rabuta Berry, Nomel Berry, Spelon Berry, Pamtre Berry, Watmel Berry, Durin Berry, Belue Berry, Strib Berry, Chilan Berry (Gen III), Nutpea Berry, Kuo Berry, Niniku Berry, and Topo Berry

Berries 7

Rinka Berry (size speculation), throat-healing fruit (from the episode of the anime that introduced the reoccurring Jigglypuff) (size speculation), Oren Berry (Mystery Dungeon look-alike for the Oran Berry), Healing Berry (TCG) (size speculation), Memory Berry (TCG) (size speculation), Pinkan Berry (size speculation), Melody Berries (size speculation), and Mirage Berry (Pokemon Adventures manga) (size and color speculated)

Berries 8

PSNCureBerry, Mint Berry, Ice Berry, Bitter Berry, Burnt Berry, and PRZCureBerry (all speculation)

Berries 9

Green Berry (PokePark series) (size speculated), Red Berry (PokePark series) (size speculated), Golden Berry/Very Sweet Berry (PokePark series) (size speculated), Big Berry (PokePark series) (size speculated), Stinkberry (PokePark series) (size speculated), Berry (Battrio) (size speculation), Large Berry (Battrio) (size speculation), Ojama Berry (Battrio) (size speculation), Super Berry (Battrio) (size speculation), Balloon Berry (TCG) (size speculation), Fluffy Berry (TCG) (size speculation), and Snoverberry (anime) (size speculation)

Berries 10

Three versions of the Chesto Berry

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