This U L C can only be accessed by the ones who desire to seek for lost movies and TV shows.

The mysterious transfer happens when the person wishes to be given these movies and episodes.

The transfer takes place while the victim is asleep. His soul will be transported in a large movie theater where everything is free, including the ticket. All the victim has to do is tell which movie or series he would like to see.

If the victim were to say a movie that already exists, he would wake up on his bed unsatisfied of this astral voyage.

But if they were to say a movie that hasn't been released yet, like Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 or a completely made-up movie by the victim, they will be given a ticket for the chosen movie. Then they will be instructed to choose snacks.

Some snacks are well known and others are new. After the snacks and drinks they would be guided through the hallways to their movie. The ticket man takes the ticket and the viewer goes in expecting a good movie, and it is. However, the viewer is alone in the movie room. The viewers describe the movie as being the best movie they've ever watched.

But something goes wrong as the movie ends. The viewers would feel as if they are being watched as they exit. All the lights turn out and the one that looks like the ticket man slowly follows the viewer.

The ticket man looks like an old skeleton and he groans.

If the viewer were to be caught, they would find themselves as one of them- a skeleton that is cursed to roam the theater forever.

But if they got the chance to outrun the skeleton employees and reach the exit, they would wake up the next morning as if it was just a dream.

If you ever get teleported there, then leave immediately and ignore it as it is too good to be trusted.

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