UlC skull collector was discovered in the  _______ ________  in the year 1870.                    
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Some cult members decided to summon some sort of demon with a demonic cult. The members wore skull masks and circled a tombstone. They dug up the dead body inside the tomb and said the following: May the inner demons sink into our skull, blood, and bones. May the one be revived in the skull collector's name.

The members were found burned and their skeletons were the only body that remained. Their skulls, however, were missing. The creature had a goat skull and his body was the skeleton of a humanoid being with a tail and long fingers.

It has been contained in _______ in a large room with holy items. The being was thrown into a hole, and guards buried it alive and drenched the dirt with holy water.

Fear has struck as the creature could be revived with the same ritual as before. Nobody has permission to enter into the safe of this ULC.


The creature burned many victims and stole their skulls. His skull collection was showcased on its tail. The reason why he collected skulls is unknown.

Scott has done further research on the creature. He found out that it chews the skulls into multiple pieces and then he puts them together to make some kind of armor. The bigger the armor gets, the harder it is to contain or kill.

The ULC does not talk and growls instead.                                                

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