A few civilians found themselves in a neighborhood with identical houses. No living beings have been reported and all the house lights were off. The ones who walked through the place say that there was no electricity and that the street lights were lacking and the sun never rose up to light the darkness.

The ones who explored the place reported that they were glowing and that they could see in the dark. All the house doors were unlocked, and there were some household items and pictures of people that have yet to be identified. There were also letters about some alien conspiracy theory about green lightning that would knock down unsuspecting victims and force them into this strange neighborhood as their own soul. As they become tired and fall asleep, they would get abducted by strange beings wearing space suits that would steal their energy, erasing their soul from existence.

There is no way to prevent it from taking place or know when it will happen.

We think that these aliens could be collecting soul energy to survive or gain souls themselves. More information may be underway...

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