Gideon's bible is a large book that contains information on other universes, creatures and plants.

The first chapter is a description of the void dimension which contains nothing but darkness. Some other universe that were removed will also become void universes in some rare instances. Shadow People with glowing white eyes will appear to visit the universe and delete the remaining survivors if there are any.                                                                              

They make no noise except for whispers that seem to judge the survivors.

The second chapter talks about what seems to be Hell itself. The description says that it is located at the center of the earth. The ones who sinned will be sent there by HIM. They will be burning for all eternity. Demons of different sizes and bodies will make the victims suffer in any way possible. There is no going back from the underworld. Screams and cries are present.

The third chapter describes Heaven itself and its occupants, like the angels and souls of the ones who spread love and believed in Jesus who died for their sins. It looks like a second earth, but everything is alive and colorful and peaceful. God is the creator of this universe and His son Jesus is also present.

The fourth chapter talks about the Astral plane when the soul leaves the body. Time itself seems absent from this universe, but the rest is similar to Earth itself. The beings are human beings, Souls, and demons. The ones who can release their souls from the body have the ability to fly and pass thru walls and more. Everyone seems to have a different experience.

All unknown living creatures are written in this book. The final chapters contain the past, present, and future of the reader from when they were born to their death. These chapters are different depending on their readers.

The original creator of this book is called Gideon. Many think that he is some sort of god or alien, but the truth on the matter has not been discovered yet. Researchers have concluded that this book was created by someone who could see the lives of others with advanced brain functions. There is one page that explains HIM in detail, but it is written in an unknown language.

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