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Ulc Darkors:

Warning: Documents can only be shown to personnel and guards. If a document is sent to the public, the publisher will be dealt with and the document will be recovered.

Ulc darkors are dark beings with lizard-like eyes and long tails that stand straight up from their backs. They communicate with thought and are able to create weapons, armors, bases and many more important survival items.

Their armor is lizard-like with green and gold metallic-like scales. These armors cannot be destroyed or damaged by man-made weapons, though explosives do blow them up. The darkors enter the armor to protect themselves from their foes and attack them with laser-like weapons from the armor's hands.

These alien kinds of creatures have multiple hidden bases around the world. They were contained for attacking residents from Canada and Boston; it could have been for self defence as the humans attacked them first.

They are contained in a large room filled with their own houses and gadgets. The walls are created out of pure diamond.