This ulc is emailed or mailed to a random person from an unknown publisher. The one who receives the object, that resembles an old, untitled, yellow vhs tape, feels familiar towards it without being in contact with it previously.

Once they watch the footage of the tape it plays a nostalgic episode or movie that they watched in their childhood. It can be live-action, animations, or stop-motion.

Sometimes the characters would say the viewer's name without warning and only the viewer would react to this sudden fourth wall break.

Sometimes the characters would stare at the camera for a considerable amount of time while smiling or frowning.

The viewer always reported feeling strange and worried as if they would be attacked during the viewing.

In some rare instances the viewer would hear the following sentences:

Join us in a world of nostalgia where no one can die

We are all connected to each other

I will always be watching you

The viewers would be in a sleep paralysis-like state every time they viewed the vhs in its completion.

If they only viewed half or a quarter of the movie, this effect would not be an issue.

The ones who were in their sleep paralysis would be unable to move and would hear footsteps gradually approaching their bedrooms.

They would then hear the voices of nostalgic characters saying questionable things while slowly opening the door.

Such as these

Don't be afraid? Faith has called us back together

You will always be a friend in me

It's time to break out of here!

The characters who were saying these were supposedly The Devil, Woody in Toy Story and Rocket Raccoon.

However, these characters would seem damaged of old age or because of a fight; only the devil looks normal.

The characters would proceed to drag the viewer down the stairs, or stab them with needles and strings, or harass them what seems to be hours, until they wake up in shock and confusion.

The only way to stop these unwanted effects is to destroy the vhs and fill the house with holy accessories with a protection prayer. We have been able to track down the creator of the vhs and its rightful owner is Stan himself.

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