This ULC is a ClearClick Retro AM/FM Radio that was used in World War One to pinpoint the location of enemy soldiers and allies and spy on their conversations.

The general of the United States Army has heard the voice of his parents playing in the radio; his parents passed away from being attacked by the enemy soldiers. The voices seemed to give the general positive thoughts and smart ways to win the war.
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The general used these ideas to ultimately win the war, but other soldiers that want to remain anonymous heard voices from dead enemy soldiers that they killed. These voices told the soldiers to cause self harm or take their own lives. Many actually listened and ended their lives.

The ones who lived to tell their experiences are paranoid and have nightmares of their enemies harming them forever; some reported feeling as if they were being watched.

The radio is locked inside a sound proof room without any lights. It is highly ill advised to enter and take a listen to the radio's paranormal voices as it could cause self harm and even death. We cannot risk anymore of these accidents.

Researchers have been able to shut it down but the voices could still be heard. Inside the radio there is a crystal with wires that has energy from the afterlife; it definitely could help the dead send messages.   

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