Some video files were censored in the first Mariana Trench footage ever recorded, but what would the government hide from us? Well, let's find out.

As I watched the footage, nothing seemed to be happening... no strange noises, no strange fish, nothing as such... but there was a cut halfway through the video. It was cut after one of the submarine conductors screamed.

At this point I wanted to know what that cut was all about, but it was pretty tricky to uncensor.
Rover-mariana 600

I had to re-edit the whole video and pause right when the cut would occur, and this was when I saw a gigantic humanoid figure coming out from the sand. It had dark, inky skin and a long tail. It also had green lizard eyes and two nostrils with a long mouth.

It grabbed the sub and that was when the cut occurred, but this time afterward there was no scene where the sub goes back to the surface. Instead it was replaced with the camera outside the sub to what seemed to be the bottom of the trench. The sub was there torn off into millions of pieces and the footage ended.

Till this day I'm afraid to go too deep into the vast oceans and lakes.

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