The wall master
This is a drawing of the wall master that was mailed to me by an anonymous child that also saw the episode but it is crudely drawn so it aint 100% accurate.

I remember this lost episode that freaked me out on youtube it was premiering and the creator deleted it afterwards. it was called the wall master and it featured Jack paul the introduction had this cracked wall in a scary soundtrack in the background all i remember was saying Jack Paul on the phone calling for a repairman the repairman came immediately and fixed jack pauls broken wall and i thought i saw a shadowy person staring at jack paul from the hole inside the wall jack paul didn't seem to see that man.

jack Paul did not have the right amount of money to give to the repairman.

Jack paul: That is way to expensive!

Repairman: im sorry but that's the only deal i have.

he promised to give him the money as soon as possible the repairman walked away and the scene cut to nighttime as jack paul stood awake on his bed unable to sleep as his wall cracked but it stopped, he approached the wall and stared at it as a man in dark grabbed him from the neck and pulled him inside the wall as he screamed in the end i heard a low voice stating,

i am waiting inside the walls, get ready for my arrival, cause you will not expect it.
The Wall master lost vyond episode proof

The Wall master lost vyond episode proof

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