Two explorers named John Mcklinton and Gabriel Linx went visiting the largest swamp in Florida called Big Cypress Swamp expecting to research on known animals and maybe even find new species.

They were equipped with cameras, weapons for self defense, flashlights, rations to eat and drink and two tents for one, even a map of the area.

At first they were meant to go as a team of 6, but the others were scared that they would get lost or get attacked by predators.

John and Gab were determined and brave and so they decided to go alone with the proper gear.

The first day went well and they found many animals including alligators; however, they were able to defend against them as if they were nothing.

As the sun set they set up camp and made a fire.

So what did you find in this lovely first day?

Well, I found some birds, turtles, frogs and alligators, and you?

I only had the chance to find insects, unfortunately...

Well, tomorrow you'll most likely find more interesting creatures.

If I don't then I'll be disappointed.

As the fire weakened our two adventurers decided to go to bed. The night was relaxing with natural animal and cricket sounds, but John swore that he heard some kind of roar in the distance and something large eating its prey.

The next morning they decided to talk about it.

Did you hear that roar last night?

No... what are you talking about?

I swear I heard a loud roar from miles away and it seemed to have eaten some prey.

You watched way too many horror movies.

I'll prove to you that there was something out there!

He pointed to where he heard the sound but Gab noticed that this section was never explored.

Uhm, this point is beyond the map. We really shouldn't risk it.

But it could be an undiscovered species!

OK, fine, then let's go

They both packed their stuff and went to the unexplored regions of the swamp. 

As they arrived beyond the map's borders they found large crocodile-like footprints but larger in a pair of two, as if that thing walked on two legs.

Gab started to fear whatever left these footprints but John was curious. He wanted to get to the bottom of this even if it was a hoax.

You see, I told you, Gab, this is a new species!

Fascinating but terrifying...

Pfff, whatever. Let's follow them.

The two followed the prints to a huge swampy area and the prints ended up in the swamp's waters.

Oh, well, too bad. Let's go back now

No way! We are waiting for that thing to resurface!

Gab sighed and photographed more animals and insects. John captured more animals on film than before. As night fell they placed their tents and immediately went to bed as they were tired.

Gab was awoken by something rising from the swamp. It walked closer to his tent and he was ready to shoot whoever it is. The creature was humanoid in shape with scales and a large crocodile head with sharp teeth. Its fingers were long and pointy; it also had reptile eyes.

It teared his tent. He screamed and shot the creature many times. However, it didn't damage it as much as it should have.

The creature ate his gun and dragged him near the swamp. John shot one of its eyes and the creature roared in pain and ran back into the swamp with Gab screaming for help.

But it was too late; he drowned in those dirty waters and then he was eaten. John ran as far as possible from the location, feeling guilty about Gab's death. The creature sneaked towards John and attempted to pin him to the ground, but he noticed the creature and shot its second eye. This time it retreated for good.

John was able to take a screenshot of the beast from its back and he blindly ran through the swamp without anything to eat or drink. He found a research facility and requested a way to return home, and he did a few hours later.

He had nightmares following the incident and refuses to go visit nearby swamps.

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