Some call them zombies, but it's a common misunderstanding. Zombies eat brains and are literal walking corpses that are rotting away.

But the soulless are people that lost their souls. You see, my father lived as a farmer and was trusted by many, and he had a fair amount of cash in his pockets. He was the famous farmer that most people knew.

He died of a tragic massacre that took place inside his own farm. The killer poisoned him and burned his barn down; nobody ever got to the bottom of the killer's identity.

Of course my entire family was shocked and heartbroken about my father's death. It was a tough time in our lives.

We decided to bury his body near where his farm was and we never forgot him. We came back to him and prayed for his soul daily.

Until one day I found out that his body was gone as if he somehow dug his way out, but we knew that he died that day. I called my family and told them about the news. They thought someone could have stolen his body to the black market or something like that.

The next morning we watched the news and the newscast talked about our father killing someone. It could have been the killer that murdered our father, but there's no way to prove this theory.

My father was described as being emotionless and lifeless with completely white eyes.

This seemed unbelievable and a complete fabrication, but the murder had actually taken place. Maybe they received incorrect information or witnesses. No more murders took place afterwards. 

But my heart raced the next night as I saw him peering through my window with wide eyes pointing to mine. I have no idea how his body came back to life, but maybe it was out of hatred and vengeance. We've been praying for the wrong layer of his; we should have prayed for his body.

Also I heard his voice once near my room's door. It sounded like a whisper.

I can never go beyond. Everything has been taken away from me. Please don't let me suffer like this.

The soulless creepypasta

The soulless creepypasta

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