The oceaneers started as ordinary children living in a large mansion with everything they could possibly desire. They were the richest in town.

News outlets wanted their wealth and riches, but their income was way less then theirs and so they sent spy reporters to find out how they were getting paid.

The spies listened to the most conversations they could. Some were family meetings and some were uninteresting.

But one recorded a conversation of the father contacting his boss.

You've found a town underwater!

Yes, at the Golden Gate Bride. We need you to bring back some proof of its existence pronto!

I'll be there soon.

The children wanted to join their father and mother on this exciting discovery and so they were invited.

The spy went back to the news outlet and gave the audio to his boss. Then the boss ordered him to make the family fall over the bridge and make it seem like it was an accident. He agreed but on one condition, and it was to get a raise. His boss accepted and the spy went on his way. He followed the family in a sneaky way by taking shortcuts to remain unseen.

As the family arrived at the bridge the spy bumped their car into the waters down below. It was deep and the parents were unconscious. Water started to flow through and the car sunk under the ocean to the deepest point. The car was filled with water at this point.

The kids were able to break open the windshield, and then strange-looking rocks started glowing a strange blue hue, blinding the children for a few seconds.

Then they were able to breathe underwater and swim at inhuman speeds, which surprised them. There were ruins of ancient buildings also. Then they grabbed their parents and brought them back to the surface. The strange-looking rocks ended up being statues that resembled aliens, but they were out of energy afterwards.

A news anchor was announcing the situation and was shocked to see the kids and the parents still alive. The spy was given a raise. However, later on the boss found out with the news and fired the spy.

Jack Morston

Kids, how did you?


We were blinded by strange rocks and we were able to breathe underwater and swim faster?


Oh, huney, I think they found the town you talked about?

Jack Morston

Could you go and visit the town again and bring back some items?


Sure, why not?

Their father gave them water-resistant cameras and large bags and the kids jumped into the abandoned and broken-down town. They collected pottery created out of rare materials and they also found gems and gold. The houses all seemed to be made out of dark-coloured rocks shaped like bricks. They were unable to grab the statues as they were too heavy.

Skeletons were found inside the houses also. Then a white shark attacked our heroes by surprise. Luke got injured by the shark's strong bite, and Alex punched the shark and pushed it away with some kind of invisible shockwave.


We've developed powers!


It seems like it! Now hold on; I'll get you up to safety.

Alex swam back to the surface. The archaeologists cured Luke and investigated the objects that had never been seen before with unknown materials that had yet to be researched. Jack got millions of dollars for his find and his kids got a good portion as well.

They then became news sensations as they were talked about on journals and news outlets, but their adventures were far from over as a new threat was coming to town.

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