Chapter 1: Scott Clerkson's origins

Scott Clerkson is a large humanoid raccoon that is grey, black, and white. He has dark blue eyes. He grows like the average human and ages the same. His max age is 21 years old.

SCV3 no background

Scott's family started as normal raccoons until a miracle happened where they evolved into humanoid intelligent raccoons.

Scott's parents were a loving mother called Procyon Linda and a protective father called Procyon Luthor. Both looked similar to Scott. His mother made the food and collected supplies while his father protected the family from outside predators and hunters and trained Scott to fight against them.

Also his mother was the best at giving affection to Scott physically or mentally.

Scott was trained in his speed, agility, strength and aim. In the end he had to defeat his own dad to show his progress, but that was the most difficult part and it took many months to finally defeat him without any weapons.

Scott would sometimes steal from tourists visiting the Amazon forest to aid his family, but he would mostly make useful items himself.

But his peace and happiness was short lived as ULC guards blasted through their house's door. Sarah hid in her room and Luthor attempted to shoot the guards down with his two laser guns, but the guards were wearing laser-proof armor.

The leader of the gang shot Procyon Luthor. He got hit and probably died. The guards warned their leader.



The guards stayed quiet as the leader kept searching. He found Scott's mother under her bed and he shot her on her head; she died. The leader started to laugh in a disembodied inhuman fashion as Scott ran away from the back door into the unknown section of the forest.

Beforehand he was able to grab his dad's blue, red and golden general suit and shorts. He protected the forest for a couple of years before moving farther beyond he also had to change his suit to an orange and black one held by a zipper.

He somehow arrived at New York City and he was exhausted. When he found himself near humans they would panic, call him names or harass him. Some would even take pictures of him. He hated humanity at that point.

Their cameras got destroyed and stolen by Scott, but it wasn't the case for everyone who filmed him.

he mistakenly entered a strip club which shocked him. His presence ruined the party; they had to kick him out. Scott didn't get why humans were into this.

He found a few dollars on the busy streets he acumulated enough to purchase food from restaurants and so he did the cashier thought he was going crazy, Scott both chicken and bacon however as he ate it he felt nauseuse and went to the bathroom emediatly every human ran away screaming as he did his you now.

he walked back to the cashier afterwards.


Actualy i would like some salade...


ok then...

Scott payed for the salade and ate it like a normal human would, which fascinated others.


Where did you learn to eat and drink like this?


From you obviously, ive been watching your actions and now i repeat them



he finishes eating and walks outside he gives away a few dollars to the poor on the streets then he went shopping. However, the employees were shocked about his presence and they thought that he would do something unwanted. They talked to him first.


Why are you here, mister?


Please don't kick me out. I'm just here to buy supplies.


Sorry, but pets aren't allowed!


You humans are so mean and unpredictable!

The employees forced him out of the shop by grabbing and throwing him in front of the entrance. Then they locked the door and closed the shop.



As some employees left, Scott decided to climb on the walls and arrive on the ceiling. Then he entered into the large vents and opened a way inside.

He dropped on the floor and stole food and beverages. He then went back into the vents with a ladder and left the scene.

Unfortunately the security cameras were filming him and police were called by a night guard that showed the footage. The police were investigating and searching for the robber.

A few months later police cars surrounded Scott in the middle of the city. Police officers came out with pistols and they all aimed at Scott.




What did I do to you, idiots!?


You stole food and beverages and cameras!



Scott sprinted in the middle of the circling police. He flipped over a police car and he was freed from the police circle.

The policeman got back into their cars and chased him. Some did it on foot.

Cars stopped because of a red light, but this didn't stop Scott as he jumped on every stopped car to the other side of the road. Some police officers were stunned about his risky maneuvers and turned back to get more help.

The police cars were stuck in traffic so they called helicopters.

Scott ran inside the Empire State Building and got his general shirt stuck into the automatic doors. He had to cut it open, and he had no clothes in the end. He then used the elevator to go to the top floor. He thought he was safe there for awhile, but he was surprised by the cops' choppers flying over the tower. They shined a spotlight on Scott, blinding him.

Scott threw them the finger and they electrocuted him with a taser gun. He fell unconscious and woke up in a jail cell with a bed, a shower and sink. He was wearing a red and dark red striped prisoner suit most likely given by the cops.

Scott was infuriated to the police and yelled swears at them or at least similar versions. He noticed the other prisoners; some were human but others were alien beings that seemed to come from a sci-fi movie.

He tried to push the bars down but it had no effect.

The guards served him with breakfast, dinner, and supper, but Scott ignored all of them as they contained chicken, moose and other animal meat. So a guard asked him.


Why do you keep rejecting the food?


Because it contains animal meat and I'm one myself, you asshole!

The guard wasn't happy with the response, but he listened to him and gave him vegan food. Five days later the prisoners were ordered to dig in a mine and extract gold, diamonds and more. They were all given pickaxes and they began digging.

The one that found the most ores was Scott as he had heightened senses. Some of the prisoners were jealous so they fought him. However, Scott would always win. Everyone was afraid of him as more time passed.

At some point he was tired of being in jail, so he called a guard and started a conversation. Scott stole his cell key which he used to open his cell.

He then ran into the large hallway of cells and was caught by the shoulders by a strange cowboy-looking man. He hissed and growled and even tried to cut the man's face with his claws, but the man protected himself from it.

Collector: How much is his bail out? And what's his name?

The Collector wears a dark blue cowboy hat with a dark blue shirt and pants. His clothes look high quality and expensive. He has purple eyes.

Owner: 100.00$, and he's called Scott Clerkson.

Collector: Here you go, thanks for the info.

The collector gave her the money and she unlocked the cell. The collector handcuffed him.

Scott felt insecure and disgusted as he was touched by a human being. He was about to fight back, but the collector had more weapons then he had so he instead said,

Scott: I swear I'm going to scratch your eyes out!

The collector ignored him as he was talking to the police officer.

He and the policewoman shook hands and the collector walked out of the police building with Scott.

The collector put Scott in a large backpack, but Scott didn't enjoy it. It was to avoid detection from humans.


Where are we going!?


Shhhh... don't let them call the cops again. I'll explain later.

Sometimes Scott would take a peek to see where they were heading. They entered into a large dome with a red bricked stadium. Inside there were prisoners that were training to fight for their lives in a deadly fight in the crucible.

The Collector stopped to the founder of the establishment and asked to borrow the stadium privately. He accepted and left; only the collector and Scott remained.

The collector got Scott out to the center of the stadium and he got ready to train Scott for his next fight.


I brought you here to fight the champion of the crucible that is supposedly unbeatable, but we will show them that he can be beaten!


Who is the champion then?

The Collector showed Scott a poster with Groot beating another crucible slave to death. On top there's the text, "Champion strikes again."

Scott felt unsure and uneasy about beating this humanoid tree.


Uhm, I don't think it's a good idea...


Think fast!

The collector kicked his face and he fell on the ground, holding his face from the shock.

This angered Scott and he punched on the Collector, getting ready to scratch his face, but the collector punched him, pulling Scott back.


That's all you can do!

Scott ran and kicked the collector in the nuts, then he upper punched his head. He got pushed in the air and fell face first on his head.


Take that, you bastard!

The collector jumped over him and attempted to push him on the ground, but Scott turned around and grabbed his arms. Then he threw him far away.


Okay, you're ready to beat that tree thing!

The collector grabbed him and put him in a dungeon cell. Then he locked it with a key and he walked away.


Sleep well! You'll need it!


No, wait!

The collector left the dungeon and Scott looked around for a way to escape. However, he found none, so as a desperate attempt to escape he searched for a secret exit by touching the entire wall.


That won't do you any good.

Clara is a grey, black, and white female humanoid raccoon that has been genetically modified. She has brown eyes.

Scott looked behind him and saw a dark wolf, a female grey raccoon and a small chimpanzee in the same cell.

Jack the chimpanzee is a small brown monkey that wears a black top hat. His eyes are green.

Eric is a large dark wolf. He has red eyes.


Wait... you're a-


A humanoid raccoon? Yeah, of course I am, but unlike you I've been genetically modified to fight the champion.


You've been what!?

Clara showed her back to Scott and she had a few implants.


You didn't deserve this! You could die!


At least we will die as proper fighters, Scott.


Hey, how do you know my name!?


I have been given the ability to see everyone's past and future including their name.


I'm going to disprove its existence.


Well, good luck to you.

The three humanoid animals got freed from their jail and they got escorted to the arena. Scott was worried sick about their survival and he tried to scratch the bars off.

The three teammates arrived in another cell-like area that led to the middle of the arena. When it opened, the fight would begin.

Scott was able to scratch the bars in half and he ran towards they cell, but a metal door closed on his head and he got knocked back.

The gate of the champion opened first and a large tree man walked towards his now opened cell. Then their cell opened and they were forced to walk in front of it.

Groot is a giant humanoid tree that is made out of wood. He has yellow eyes and water flowing thru his veins.

The announcer stated that the fight has begun and the two enemies are now running straight towards each other.

Scott attempted to kick the door down, but it only hurt his foot. Shortly after he found a hole in the ceiling and climbed it to see the match take place. He slowly went down the steps as crowds of people stared at him.


OK, I get it! You humans hate humanoid animals!

Groot grabbed the wolf and threw him on a wall; his back bone got crushed. The chimpanzee climbed on Groot's body and attempted to remove some wood of it, but Groot passed his arm threw him.

Clara was afraid, but she went ahead and cut an eye off Groot, making it half blind. As Groot is about to kick her, Scott interrupted the fight.


Hey, have mercy on these prisoners, birch maniac, or I'll have to kill you myself!


I AM GROOT!? (Why do you want to fight for them!?)

Scott somehow understood what he said from his subconscious; nobody else seemed to know what he said.




I AM GROOT! (I'm trying to please my father! So I'm afraid that I can't give up!)


Then I have no choice but to put you down!


You aren't supposed to fight yet, Scott! This was not supposed to ha-!



Groot tried to grab him, but Scott latched onto him and searched for his weak spot. He found the infinite water flowing through him.

Groot shook him off, but Scott shortly got back up. He got punched by the giant tree, then kicked.

Scott was weak after this harmful combo. He got on all fours and ran behind Groot without being seen. As he was able to scratch Groot's back, Groot turned around and grabbed him.

He started to squeeze him and he was losing air.


Ugh, I can't believe that I'm about to die today!

Groot stared at him suffering and let him go as he noticed that he is more than what he seems.

Groot remained seated on the ground unmoving and Scott caught his breath. The crowd went quiet.


Why did you-


I am Groot. (You're the same as I am with your different soul, so as you have it, I will lend you this victory)


Well, if you say so...

Scott climbed on him and opened its life source, which is the never ending water flowing through him. The water burst out of his body and Scott got soaked. Groot screamed in pain and fell on the floor unconscious.

The crowds applauded him and the collector showed up in front of the crowd.


You made it! I thought otherwise...


Well, natural- wait, what!?


Alexander Colt now owns the arena for winning the bet against the champion!

The previous fighters went back into their cells and Scott was forced to walk along them to the entrance.


So your future is entirely your choice. Do you desire to be free or stay with me?


I'm choosing freedom. You didn't even believe in me, you asshole! Also, release the other genetically modified animals!


As you wish.

The Collector called the key holder and he unlocked their cells. The genetically modified animals thanked Scott and asked him to join them.


Well, I-

But before he could end his speech, Groot came in from the front door, surprising everyone. The animals ran away in fear.




I am Groot. (Sorry for the interruption)


*Growls* Oh, whatever. I guess I'll stay here, then


I AM GROOT! (What, no! I'm not gonna let them treat us like this! We are leaving!)

Groot grabbed Scott and broke thru the front door into the distance.


Well, that was unexpected...

The duo hid in the nearby forest and they started a fire. They rationed for some food and they also made shelters. Then they both sat in front and in the back of the light fire.


You're not getting away with what you've done. You scared away the ones I saved!

Scott said with his arms crossed and his head looking down.


I AM Groot. (I had to take that risk to get you and them out of there.)

Said Groot with a serious face while staring at Scott.


No, you didn't have the obligation too! Oh, it's too late anyways...

Said Scott while he walked to his shelter and lay down under it.


I am Groot. (Okay, you're right. I might have over exaggerated it)

Groot said while walking towards Scott in sadness.


Just leave me alone! Tomorrow I'm leaving this god forsaken planet!

Scott replied while pushing Groot away. He then fell asleep.

Groot walked back to his shelter and lay under it, feeling incredibly guilty. He fell asleep with a nightmare of the situation.

The next morning he woke up with Scott missing. he got worried and searched the woods. he arrived at a cabin with someone repairing a TV. He looked inside and found Scott repairing it with tools.

Groot slowly opened the door and Scott stood up alarmed as he aimed a revolver at Groot.


Oh, it's you... just go back to where you belong. I'm trying to get out of this god forsaken planet.

Scott said while going back to repairing the TV.


I AM GROOT! (My father will kill me if go back! He hates when I fail him!)

Groot said while screaming at Scott in anger.


Ugh, fine, you can come with me! Hey, wait a sec- did you just say your fa-

Scott said as he finished fixing the TV. He seemed annoyed and confused.


I am Groot. (Yes, the one that trained me is my father, but I don't want to discuss any further details)

Groot said while sitting down in tears.


We'll have to talk about this further at some point. Also, I'm done! It should work now!

Scott said, concerned, while he turned the TV on.

A news channel played and the news reporter appeared on screen as it faded in.

News reporter

Today NASA has declassified a secret space ship for their future space missions. Here are pictures of the ships.

There were 3 of them. However, the biggest one was what Scott seemed interested in. It was shaped like a star which was blue and gold coloured. It had one cockpit in the front, 7 beds, and a kitchen with the hidden lab counted in it.

Scott turned off the TV and turned to Groot.


We will steal the ship and blast off into space by blending in with the pilots. This could mean that we'll have to kidnap someone and steal their clothes and identity cards, but it will all be worth it in the end. So what do ya think? But beforehand, I'll cure you.

Scott said with honesty.

Scott got out a med kit that he created while in jail and he gave a potion of healing to Groot which worked marvelously. He was cured to his normal healthy state.


I... am Groot... (This is a terrible idea. Also, thank you)


No problem. By the way, it's too late, big boy! It's time to get out of here!

Scott said while pointing to the exit door. Groot sighed and followed him behind the buildings of the city. They arrived at NASA's headquarters.

They kidnapped one of the entrance's guards. Scott took his space suit off and put it on; it was dark and red.


Okay, stay hidden, Groot. I don't want to see you get shot...

He said as he pointed at Groot with a serious face.

He walked thru the entrance, and as he arrived at the ship room, which was locked by a scanner, Groot was heard screaming outside. A guard got flown through the glass doors and the other guards ran in front of Groot, shooting lasers at him with their laser guns.


Damn you, Groot!

He got his two laser guns that he stole from the one he kidnapped and shot 3 guards.

The rest of the guards noticed the ruckus and started shooting Scott instead, but Scott jumped on a few lasers and hid behind a table. Groot ran and punched the guards and impaled them. Then he grabbed Scott and ran at the locked door, breaking it apart.

Groot got surrounded by guards, but he didn't give up as he threw some at the nearest walls and Scott shot some of them. They were able to enter into the starship, and they locked the entrance door and activated the shields.

Scott was confused on the controls. He found out that there's a self drive option, so he pressed it and buckled up on his pilot's seat. Groot sat in the living room.

The ship took off. Two guards entered into smaller ships and chased after them.

Scott ordered Groot to attack them with one of the ship's cannons. He listened and shot both ships down. They arrived in space shaken and shocked.


We've made it!




Well, you shouldn't. Without me you would most likely be dead.

An awkward silence followed. Groot chose a large bed and decided to rest while Scott searched for a manual or tutorial on how to drive the ship. He found a manual and read a few pages and then went to bed. Of course he checked if the autopilot feature was on and it was.

He brushed his teeth and took a shower and lied on his king-sized bed. His room is the largest as he counts himself as a leader. However, as he fell asleep he had a nightmare of being called names and getting harassed by those bullies he met in New York. He woke up in the middle of the night screaming and crying.

Scott was outraged and snapped as he threw pillows and pushed tables and damaged his bed sheet. He also started writing things on the wall like I'm not a freak, Get out of my head, Leave me alone with his claws.

The next morning Groot went to Scott's bed and was shocked at the destroyed room. Scott was shaking on his bed with an uneasy state of terror. As Groot approached and tried to calm Scott, the raccoon jumped on Groot and scratched his back in rage, but Groot hugged him and it calmed him down.


I am Groot... (Whats going on here, Scott?)


I'm going mad, Groot! Please find a way to stop it... this all started with those humans harassing me!

Groot finished hugging him and placed him back on his bed.


I am Groot (Don't worry, I'll find a way to fix this)

Groot left Scott's room and searched on the internet for advice. He found that forming a healthy team brings happiness and team work so that's when he had the idea to form a team.

First he found out about someone called Peter Quill which is a human being, so he started with that and redirected the ship to go to earth.

Chapter 2: Peter's origins

Peter Quill is a human being with blue eyes.

Peter Quill was born from one mother and father that had many romantic dates in different locations and vacation spots. They were known as the most lovable couple in the neighborhood. His father was called Richard Quill and his mother was Samantha Quill. They decided to go a step further and bring in a new child by the name of Peter Quill.

His parents made sure that Peter would become mature and nice to others like them. His dad decided to bring him in many activities and show him the vastness of space and its many planets.

These two would make DVD collections of their favorite songs and music.

His mother took care of him the most. She would protect him from bullies, junk food and more.

However, Peter noticed that his father became weaker as time passed in a disturbing matter. He became sick most of the time and had a hard time breathing sometimes.

Richard knew that he would no longer be around his family for long, so he drove and went camping with Peter and Samantha.

They sang songs and told stories of good times they had together, and Richard talked about his fascination with raccoons.

After the family fell asleep in their tents, they found out that Richard wasn't moving anymore and his skin was pale. They hurried and drove him to the hospital.

The doctors found out that he was on the verge of dying from an unknown illness. The family was able to visit him one last time.

His wife entered first and said.


Dear, why didn't you tell us about your illness?


I didn't know that I had one. I'm sorry, but remember that I'll always be with you.

Samantha left the room crying. Peter was asked to enter and he did so.


Dad, are you gonna be okay?


Peter, come here a minute.

Peter walked closer.

Richard gave him the picture of a brown and white raccoon.


I may be dying, but I will be back to you as soon as possible. Just follow that raccoon.

And Richard died. The family was devastated and the mother did not now how to make his son happy.

In 2009

He is now 15 years old, 64 inches and 115 lbs.

Peter was able to build his own private observatory to see planets and other galaxies. He was also a comic book collector.

However, one fateful night an astronaut was walking inside his observatory. Peter sneaked after it with his flashlight in hand as he found the astronaut. Its suit was dark and red and it took Peter's telescope.

He jumped on the robber and removed its mask, showing its true raccoon face. It was Scott Clerkson. Scott stood back up with his two laser guns aiming at Peter.

Peter put his hands up in fear.


Keep your distance or your head will be blown off!


Oh, these are fake guns, lol

Scott shot threw the observatory's entrance door and it melted. This made Peter scream, but Scott covered his mouth.


Don't you dare! I've already been arrested once! Never again!

Peter noticed the drawing his dad gave him.


Wait, please don't shoot me... my dad brings us together.


What are you talking about!?

Peter showed him Richard's drawing while shaking. Scott grabbed it out of his hand.

Scott observed it.



He once again aimed at Peter.


Wow wow wow!


No, my father gave me this drawing before he died. He told me to follow you...


Oh... I'm sorry about your loss. I had no idea.


So I can go back home?


No witnesses!

The two got sucked outside and into the starship. Peter was freaked out because of Groot's presence.


This can't be real! I'm hallucinating! ALSO, TREES AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ALIVE LIKE THIS!


Quill, don't scream at Groot!


You two are freaks, some kind of folklore monsters!

Scott seemed saddened and angered at what he said.


Peter, seriously, can you shut up and accept us as who we are!? That makes you a racist of our kind, you jackass!



Scott held his heart and seemed extremely sad; then his anger took over. Scott punched Peter in the face and he fell in pain on the floor.



Scott aimmed his two guns at him.



Peter walked into a bedroom and locked the door behind him.


I am Groot. (Well, that was disturbing...)


I have no idea why you thought this could work out!

A few days later Scott started to regret his actions and decided to reason with Peter. It worked out well and they slowly became friends.

The next day Scott prepared breakfast for Peter.

He then trained Peter to defend himself with laser guns, swords or his own fists. In the beginning Peter had a hard time, but the more he practiced, the better he became.

As he finished his training, Scott gave him more suitable clothing and a golden mask with green eyes that can see in the dark. Scott also created jets on his shoes and hands.

Peter even managed to become co-pilot, which pleased him.

Peter was confused when he saw Scott making clothing from the ground up instead of adding holes where his tail would be.


Why are you making new pants instead of cutting a tail hole in human pants?

Scott looked at him disappointed.


You can't just cut a hole in human pants and expect to stuff a tail through it, unless that tail has no bones. You'd need something that has the "fly" where the tail goes through, and a do-up


Oh, I hadn't thought about that...

Chapter 3: the origins of Drax the destroyer

Drax the Destroyer has orange eyes and he is very strong. He is dark with flame designs on his torso and eyes.

Drax was born in a place of chaos where war kept happening from every direction. The civilisations had no mercy when it came to peace and happiness. They just wanted to fight each other, but they did it all to keep their planet warm and habitable. If they were to stop, their planet would freeze.

Drake's parents were also born as fighters and they never gave up. Survival comes first.

They were all green with flames as textures over their eyes and bodies.

But someone stopped them from fighting. The entire civilization was kidnapped and transported to Earth in a humongous mothership; no life remained on their planet.

It gradually froze and morphed into a skull-like shape.

The civilians were unable to move or speak during the entire transfer. They were contained in frozen tubes.

But they were still able to see and hear.

The leader of the unknown army walked in front of the frozen civilisation.

He wore golden armor from head to toe and his name was Golder the creator of gold.


Now you may be wondering why this happened... well, I was bored for centuries and you mortals were selected to entertain me, by fighting to the death! HAHAHAHAHA!

An army of lizard people were guarding him as the fleet of golden ships flew straight to Earth and landed on an abandoned desert.

Everyone was freed from their frozen jail and they were forced into a large arena that was the same as the previous one.

Golder sat on his throne at the top of the arena and ordered some of his troops to bring in the first fighters, which were Drax's father and a civilian that seemed buff and deadly.

The fight only lasted a few minutes as Drax's father's neck was broken by the hands of the buffed civilian.

Drax was forced to watch his father's death and he swore vengeance on Golder.

He was next against the previous winner and so he grabbed his two knives and sprinted to the winner. He cut his torso 4 times and then he took him down with a punch.

Golder was pleasantly surprised and entertained by Drax he was his favorite.

Drax was able to kill many others that stood in his way, questioning where they would put them next and as there were only a few citizens left. Drax sneaked into the dungeon and saw Golder with two of his guards in front of golden statues of Drax's victims.


Our poor days are over, guards. Now that we have all these money makers, we will be billionaires!

Golder ordered Drax's mother to come in and guards pushed her in. Golder touched her and she also became a golden statue.

This made Drax even angrier and so he showed up to Golder.


Your rich life ends today, Golder! I challenge you to a fight to the death!

Golder and his guards laughed at Drax expecting him to lose.


Well, be ready to die, weakling! See you up there!

Drax was ready to fight him and end this life of torment, so they met in the middle of the arena where the rest of the civilians were watching.

Some were rooting for Drax while others expected the worst suffering Drax could go through.

The fight commenced and Golder floated towards Drax, but he jumped over him. Drax cut a little of his back but the knives did no damage.

So Drax had to throw them away and use his fists and feet. He punched Golder's helmet and it flew off, showing his golden human face that had one eye and a large mouth.

This frightened Drax.

Golder grabbed his right arm by surprise and it turned into gold.



Drax kicked golder on the floor and removed the rest of his armor, showing his weak and frail body.


I will have my revenge!

Drax finished him off by breaking his neck and his body turned into ashes.

The civilians applauded him and the guards ran away. The civilians broke the armor apart but the torso wasn't breakable.


Just let it rot there! It doesn't matter anymore!

A beutiful female blushed just by looking at Drax and he noticed.

He slowly walked towards her.


You're... you're magnificent. I've never seen such a woman before.


Do you really mean that?


Of course I do. Come with me and I'll change your entire life.


Don't mind if I do.

Both became lovers as time passed. Narnia was impressed at all the skills Drax had and his fighting styles. Sometimes they would even go treasure hunting in the desert and both had their own son called Charlie. He would be a fan of nature and humanity; he wasn't a fighter which disappointed his father.

Drax and Narnia both had different ideas for the future. Narnia wanted to leave the arena and visit the outside world, but Drax wished to move the arena someplace else to show his incredible fighting skills.

This ended in them breaking up. Narnia left Drax alone with his son and this made Drax even more brutal then he ever was.

He hurt others and even killed a few, and he unfortunately killed his son by losing control over himself. Drax felt regret as he grabbed his son on his back.


Son, can you forgive me for my actions...


I do forgive you... please plant this seed as memory of my existence

He did exactly that. A tree somehow grew in the desert's sand and it somehow came to life as a humanoid tree.


I am Groot. (I'm back, dad)


What? How did you do that, son?


I am Groot. (I reincarnated with my soul)




Well, do you want to help me move the arena?

Groot agreed and they started moving chairs, prison cells, bricks, and more. Drax's guards also helped. It took them hours but they managed to make it, and as they went farther from the desert, they found New York City and they decided to reinstall the arena behind the city.

Drax now owned the arena and he kept training Groot to be the champion of the arena. Nobody seemed to be able to vanquish him until Scott came and changed everything.

Drax's guards also left him as they were promised that Groot would win. Now Drax was left alone as Groot also ran away with Scott.

He was kicked out of his own arena as the Collector owned after his victory. Drax went into a rampage and beat up civilians and police officers, which concluded in him getting arrested and sent to jail. Every prisoner was afraid of him, so he ate dinner alone, was in jail alone, and trained alone.

This year the guardians received a distress call from Earth where Drax was imprisoned. The distress call appeared on their ship's cockpit glass.

Police Man

You guys, the government has told us about you. We need immediate assistance as our most dangerous prisoner has gone mad! Come as fast as possible!

Scott stopped the ship just in time before it reached the asteroid belt of the Milky Way.


We almost died! Who would think it was a good idea to add a screen on the cockpit glass!?


I hope that guy got fired!


I am Groot. (Guys, can we just go already?)


And why should we go back from where we tried to get away from!?


I AM GROOT! (Because the one he talked about was my father!)


I have no idea what he's saying...

Scott turned the ship around and they headed to earth.


What!? but you just sai-


The prisoner is Groot's father, that's why.



Scott activated the invisibility feature and the entire outside of the ship became invisible as they landed near the prison. Scott stood up and got his electric net gun while Peter grabbed his two laser guns.

Scott changed his clothing to his blue and yellow general shirt and dark and grey shorts. He exited and gathered the others for a plane.


Okay, so I'm going to trap him inside an electric net while you fight him as a distraction, got it!?

Scott pointed at Groot and Peter while waiting for a reply.


Why do I have to be a distraction...


I am Groot. (Just deal with it)


He told you to deal with it, now let's go!

The three exited the ship. Peter and Groot both entered the prison first and caused a ruckus in the dining area


Hey, prisoner dude, come at me, coward!


I'm Groot. (Why do I have to do this with Peter...)

And Drax found them.


Son, you're back!

Drax hugged Groot and he got shot on his back by peter.

He punched him and kicked him in the balls.




Why are you working with him, son!?

Scott got ready to shoot into the shadows, and as he shot him, Drax noticed. He grabbed the net with his hand and he threw it back on Scott.


Oh, crap!

The net caught Scott, stuck to the ground and electrified Scott.



Scott slowly scratched out of the net while Groot and Drax were conversing.


I am GROOT! (I'm sorry, dad. We tried to eliminate you for your questionable actions)

Scott had finally been able to release himself, but his rage had grown to an unhealthy turn. He sneaked behind Drax.


I could have joined you guys. I was lonely.

Scott growled at Drax and jumped on him, but Drax jumped sideways, avoiding his sneaky attack. Peter got back up and shot Drax again, but he avoided the lasers.

Drax jumped on the wall and kicked Peter in the face. Scott held onto Drax's shoulders and scratched his back while growling.

Groot grabbed both of them tightly and Scott yelped in pain as he was being crushed.

Scott tried to bite and scratch his way out while Peter tried to reason with Groot.


OK, OK! Let us go, Groot, or we are going to die! We will stop, I promise.

Groot let them go and they were both lying there unconscious.


What a bunch of idiots.

Groot and Drax transported the two into the starship and waited until they woke up.


Ugh, my head...


Thank goodness! I really thought that was it for me.

Scott noticed the scratch and bite marks on Groot and he hugged him.


Groot, I lost all control. Are you okay?


I am Groot. (Yes, I'm fine)


Let's get you cured, my friend

Scott helped Groot get into his private secret lab while Peter went to his co pilot's seat and waited.


So what's this team for?


Well, we're just hanging out and stopping crime, I guess.

Scott cured Groot with potions and water. Then they came up and Scott drove them out of the Earth for real this time.

Chapter 4: unwanted removal

The guardians started to become bored as nothing interesting seemed to happen until 1 month later when Pluto was being crushed by a giant's hands. His skin looked exactly like space and there was nothing left of Pluto.

The guardians noticed the odd and shocking deletion that took place. They sat at the cockpit and buckled up.


What was that?


We will get answers soon. Hold on tight!

Scott drove at fast speeds, catching up to the one deleting planets, but as the ship was right next to it, Peter pushed Scott off his chair in fear and he stopped the ship.


What did you do that for, jerk!?


We can't fight this thing without preparing ourselves!


Well, I'm ready...

The being entered a black hole to another universe.

Scott, angry at Peter, went to make a weapon that had the ability to suck souls inside. Peter grabbed his 2 laser guns and Drax decided to bring his 2 sharp knives.

As for Groot, he brought nothing as he was already a living weapon with his stretching abilities.

As they were ready, Scott sat back on his pilot seat and everyone sat on the other available chairs as the ship got sucked into the black hole.

Scott activated the shields just in time before the ship was about to be flattened by the gravity inside the black hole. It was completely dark for a few minutes and the ship ended up in an empty universe. Well, there was only 1 planet left. It didn't seem inhabited and it seemed to be far.

Scott decided to try and scan the planet but no information was shown, as if it was rare and lacking research.

Scott turned his chair to Peter


So what do you think that planet is?


It's probably that outlaw's home planet!


I am Groot. (It seems rather peaceful)


It may seem like it, but this could be a trap...


Whatever planet this is, it makes me feel calm.

Everyone looked at Drax awkwardly


Let's just go!

Scott went back to driving towards the planet as the rest of the team went to rest for the upcoming fight.

Scott became tired as he drove. He was desperately trying to stay awake. The ship finally arrived closeby the mysterious planet. It looked like Earth but without any inhabitants, and also the lands seemed to be connected into one.

Finally Scott was able to sleep until the next morning. The group was ready to visit the planet and so Scott landed the ship on a grassy area.

No buildings or houses were found but animals seemed to be friends with each other; none ate others. That seemed like heaven to Drax. Scott was worried and thought this was some kind of trap and Peter enjoyed it as what it was. Groot stood with Scott and did not trust the planet.


OK, we can explore an-

Scott kicked him in the guts


I'm the leader here, Petey! And we must find the destroyer of planets.


You gotta calm yourself down.


No, this whole planet is a trap!


I AM GROOT. (Don't come up with such conclusions, Scott!)


Enough talk, Groot. I'll show you all that it's a trap!

They walked to a large mountain and Drax and Peter relaxed on the grass.

They arrived at the mountain and Scott climbed on Groot.


I forgot my grappling hook, so could you climb me up?


I am Groot. (No, let's climb separately)


Ugh, fine...

Groot used his fingers as some kind of way to dig into the dirt of the mountain while climbing. Scott did the same and 9 minutes later they made it to the top. There sat this large humanoid figure with a dark, starry look as if he was space itself on his skin. He was sitting on a golden throne.

Scott jumped on the ground and aimed at the being with his soul-sucking cannon.

Spacial god

Why would you bring a weapon on my home planet!?


Because you have deleted many planets of our galaxy, you bastard!

The Spacial God walked near Scott with a frown on his face.

Groot jumped in front of Scott as protection.

Spacial god

First off, watch your language! Second off, I did it to finally bring peace to all universes and I wont stop until I delete every planet with conflict.


You are ruining universes! That is not the right way to take action, you imbecile!


I Am Groot! (He's right, you bastard!)

The spacial god stared at them in disbelief and prepared a large space kind of laser with his hands.

Spacial god

You are all fools!

The god threw the large laser at Scott and Groot and they avoided it successfully. Peter and Drax heard the commotion and arrived at the mountain. They found stairs to the top and they arrived in 2 minutes.


How did you guys come here so fast?


We used the stairs.

Scott facepalmed in anger and then the god became a giant.


What kind of terrible timing!

The Spacial god punched Drax at the edge of the summit and he grabbed on in fear.

Peter flew up to the god's face and shot him, but the lasers passed right through.


Son of a b-

The god grabbed Peter and he gradually started to vanish. Scott grabbed him with his jet pack by going through the hand.

He then landed and took Peter's guns.

He shot at the god's eyes and it damaged them as the god screamed and his eyes burned.

He hid his eyes and Groot grabbed the god's giant hands to the ground.



Groot grabbed Drax and put him back up with the rest.

Drax ran towards the god and entered his body; the god shook, trying to get Drax out.

Scott ran out of bullets and threw the guns away, checking Peter out.

Groot let go of the god's hands. The god grabbed Drax as he stabbed into its heart and threw him off the mountain.

The god attempted to crush Groot, but he kept avoiding.

Scott aimed at the gun with his cannon and charged it up, but before it could start the god pushed him off the mountain.

He only fell halfway and climbed back up slowly.

The cannon lay next to the god. He was about to take it, but Groot brought it to him and threw it to Scott as he arrived. He fired the cannon and it started to suck the god.


Sayonara, you beast!

He screamed and got fully sucked into the cannon.


I don't feel anything...


Yes, we showed that bastard!


I am Groot. (Let's cure Peter)


Yes, good idea, Groot. Let's go.

Everyone followed instructions and went back to the ship. Scott brought Peter to his lab and closed the door.


He almost deleted me from reality.


I KNOW! And now I have no choice but to cure you.


Why do you even bother doing that?


Because this team needs you, Peter.

Scott searched for a potion to cure whatever Peter had and found one. It was a transparent white one. He transferred it into a needle and injected it into Peter. He became visible again.


Thank you.


You're welcome, but don't scare me like this again!


Can't promise that.

Scott went back to driving while smiling as Peter listened to his mixtape created with his father.

But Scott wanted to make a brand new armor out of the sun's lava and so he stopped the ship near it. He put his space suit on and a protective shield, so he jumped right into the burning star with a container and collected some lava. He managed to survive and fly back to the ship with his jet pack.

He forged the armor and waited until it was cold enough to wear, and he wore it proudly.


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