Hello, it is, I, Jack the scientist. I'm here to see what causes those frightening experiences people had while playing at casinos and making bets so I will gamble excessively for research and get to the bottom of this.

I will go to a Hollywood casino and see what takes place.

So I arrived at the casino and started playing poker. At the start nothing strange happened, but I did lose money. Then I tried out the luck machines where you can get a jackpot, but I never could obtain it.

Time flied by which shocked me. My pockets started to become empty so my head began to hurt. I began to be tired and warm and I knew that I was close to the hallucinations.

So I bet on a few things and won one of them, but that win just didn't seem worth it, and that was when I was out of money and something appeared in my vision.

It was a blue glowing orb that morphed into a dragon-like being. The being fit the descriptions of the ones that saw it. He walked through an employees only door without opening it as if he was a ghost.

I followed him without finishing the bet, and to my surprise the door was unlocked. However, it was dark inside so I entered and the door closed behind me. I was desperately searching for a light and I found one and turned it on.

To my horror I was inside a sound proof room that seemed to have been designed to contain insane people and I noticed that I was stuck in a straitjacket. There were these officers staring at me from a window and I screamed.


One of the policeman entered with a gun in hand.

You've killed and stalked many victims, Jack, so you deserve to be imprisoned.

I was confused as this happened a while ago. I'm a changed man now.

Whoa there, I've changed! I became a scientist to help out the community! I-


The policeman approached with a gun to my face. I closed my eyes expecting a quick death but nothing happened.

When I opened my eyes I found myself in a different location hiding behind a tree in a dark and gloomy forest, and I remembered the Goatman cult members. They were siting around talking about their next sacrifice and initiation.

I was wearing a black and white striped shirt with black pants and I had a knife.

I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and my father found me. His face only showed anger as he jumped on me. I pushed him off and tried to stab him, but he somehow grabbed my arm and kicked me to the ground.

I tried to cut his head off but the knife passed through. He laughed in an unnerving way and cut my torso; the pain felt real. The other members ran to me and they smiled.

Ah, I see that your son has arrived by fate.

Yes, leader, he was spying on us.

May his fate be sealed.


I blacked out as they dragged me and I saw all the killings I've caused. I found myself sitting on a large chair in front of a metal table with one light hanging over the table. On the front there was another chair created out of crystals.

The humanoid dark blue and light blue dragon fell from high above and landed on the crystal chair, which frightened me.

The dragon hid his wings and sat.

I felt as light as a feather, and when I looked at my body I saw that it was glowing white and transparent.

We seemed to be traveling at light speed with the chairs and table to an ocean.


Do not worry as I only released your soul from your body


Well, I wanted to show you what I can do. Oh, yeah, and you wanted to see me.

Three angels were walking over the ocean and they looked at us. I had a huge feeling of regret towards my past as I stared at them.

Don't worry, your judgment can change depending on your choices. Now what questions do you have for me?

YOU SO- ... okay, fine. Are you causing these hallucinations that people had?

Yes but I'm using these hallucination powers to help others, not harm anybody, except for the ones who harm others.

Sooo were all these past memories created by you as well?

Yes, I wanted to change your ways as I've noticed that you still secretly made poison.

Oh... right

We teleported to space itself and I thought I would lose oxygen but I did not.

Okay, can you stop using these powers of yours now?

Oh, come on now, it's going to be too boring if I do. Next question!

Where did you come from?

I came from beyond the dream realm where dragons, human souls and angels lived. I was born from a crystal temple, which are the most powerful temples in our sky town.

Fascinating. Did you get these powers from the temple?

Yes. At the start I wasn't able to control them, but my master helped me out on that matter.

Who is your master?

I... I somehow forgot hmhm

We pass through the earth and stop at the middle of its center. It was very warm but we didn't burn to death.

Oh, why did you bring us here!?

Because it's a unique place to be and it contains a lot of energy. Now what about your last question?

Have you ever killed someone?

He stared at me with sadness.

I may have killed a man a long while ago.

What made you do such a thing!?


His eyes glowed red and they were filled with rage and anger. I closed my eyes to prevent myself from going insane from his sight.

He seemed to have scratched me but I felt no pain.

I am sorry. I... I've been through a lot.

As the situation calmed down I opened my eyes and listened.

Do you want to end the session then?

No, I've killed a man because he was addicted to his own world that he made up with his subconscious. I was stuck in this realm for years and I told him to go live his life on earth, but he didn't listen so I destroyed his creation and killed him by accident because of my anger...

I understand as I also killed many as I desired vengeance, but I'll make sure to truly change my ways.

Good. The session is done now; you can go home.

I flied back up to the surface of the Earth and entered into my body. I woke up shaking. People seemed to be helping me out with water as my head hurt. A few moments after I stood up and called a cab. As I arrived at my lab I decided to write in every important information on this unbelievable meeting and I instantly fell asleep.

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