One quite night i decided to watch some creepypasta narrations and they freaked me out to my core, i sudently had intense paranoya and halucinations i received a call of a whispering woman saying 1 day im not joking that actualy happened.

Really shouldnt have watched all these narrations i said to myself in complete regert but then the power turned off but it wasn't the case for my neiborhs so i went to check the fuse but as i illuminated it with a flashlight it was broken... unusable...

I thought i was going crazy or that i was somehow dreaming this night and that i would wake up any moment now, but it was all real.

the phones were also disconected and that was when i heard the hyper audionautic scream of a woman aproaching my house i locked the door and looked outside, and she were holding  hyperealistic roses.


the woman somehow passed threw my door and chased me threw the house and now shes about to get me, screaming bloody murder ugh i hate my life...


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