Ongoing Police investigation of multiple unexplainable deaths in Montreal. The victims are missing their brains; their foreheads seem to have been removed by sharp objects. The brains have never been found.

These officers don't seem to know what they are dealing with. These killers aren't normal human beings; they are a part of the subconscious. They appear as one-eyed beasts with spider legs on their backs and mouths taking the entire bottom of their heads. They always breathe heavily when they are nearby.

Only negative thoughts can summon them. The others who do not have negative thoughts will perceive them as cult members chasing people with knives. In this state they can be killed.

But for the people who are being terrorized by them they will seem immortal. They can drive the victims insane which ends with them removing their brains.

These creatures would then steal the negative thoughts from the brain and dispose of it.

There are ways to make them go away, and they are to hide under covers or think of positive thoughts.

Bullets and sharp weapons will pass through them. There is no other way to kill them; you can, however, run away from them and hopefully survive.

The darkners creepypasta

The darkners creepypasta

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