Weather studios have been working on a worldwide alarm kind of machine in case of a meteor shower or an end of the world scenario.


Many well-known scientists and mechanics have been working on it for years, but for some reason weather channels refused to talk about it.

Some people thought they saw an unaired episode of their weather channels on some kind of unmarked DVDs; these DVDs were found in trash cans and dumpsters.

I was lucky to have discovered one as the dump truck comes and picks them up daily; they are also extremely rare.

The DVDs would show a reporter going into an enclosed building without windows or doors. It is in an unknown forest. The only way to get there is with permission and a secret passage that was cut out from the footage.

The building is extremely tall and contains a large assortment of tools and desks, but the most out of place feature was a giant, skinny, rotting body.

It looked like a giant without a head. It was connected to computers with wires and plugs on its back.

A large double siren on a pole was next to it; the sirens have large human teeth inside. The reporter was hiding from the workers; some were news-related and some weren't.

They all worked together to revive whatever that thing was- well, it looked like that's what they were going to do.

They were ready to place the double siren where the body's head was supposed to be and they did so.

They tested the sirens and it was able to play warning messages of natural disasters. It was even able to repeat voices as if it was learning. They were able to make it walk again with electric impulses and coding from the computers.

The thing stood up and almost reached the roof, and immediately started to walk towards the workers. They started to run, confused and frightened. The thing's footsteps were loud and caused a short earthquake.

It grabbed a worker and shoved him into one of his sirens. It was now able to use his voice. It screamed, "HELP ME!"

and it repeated disturbing distress messages. Everybody else was able to get out of there in time, but the giant pushed the wall open and started to run towards them. It ate more workers.

Its hunger was huge; it seemed to never end. It was able to replicate multiple voices at the same time.

Only the cameraman remained. The creature started spouting nonsense and static noises. It tried to jump on the cameraman and it barely missed.

The cameraman was able to run out of the forest and get back to civilisation and the camera cut off.

Imagine seeing this on live television. That would cause some sort of global panic for the ones who believed in this.

But I don't. It looks like an art project you would see on the internet, an- that tornado alarm freaked me out! I'm going to get shelter in the basement.

Wait... it's sunny outside. Was it just a test?

The alarm sounds closer. It's starting to hurt my ears and it smells terrible and everyone is screaming out there...

Wait, no, THIS CAN'T BE REAL! HELP! HEL- (Transmission interrupted)


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