This story is a remake of The Night of the Living Dummy Goosebumps story by RL Stine.

A long time ago there was a ventriloquist dummy collector called Jack Luster. He created his own and bought others. There were clown ones, businessman ones and every kind you could possibly imagine. Every visitor bought one as it was very popular back then, but one day a teen by the name of Frank Suliverg decided to break in by throwing a rock at the glass doors. The alarm rang; however, he was able to destroy the cameras while breaking the rest of the dummies by accident. He picked his favorite dummy, which was identical to the owner, and he left without the police seeing him. 

The dummy was made out of wood and it wore clothes made out of cloth. Its clothes are dark with a red tie, so it looks like a businessman.

The police came to the shop. They gave the shop's owner some money for the damages and they promised to find the crazy robber. The clues were easy to locate, but somehow Frank was never caught. This frustrated the owner so he decided to start his own investigation.

As he drove on the streets an accident occurred as a truck ran into his car, killing him instantly. His favorite dummy was busted and unfixable.

The next morning Frank showed his dummy around to his friends and family and made them laugh with it. In the end of the day he put it in his closet. As Frank was asleep he thought he heard the door open slightly from his closet.

Something short and human-like came out of it and its eyes were glowing; they were also cracked. That's when Frank noticed that it was his dummy. It slowly walked to his bedside and jumped on his torso.

He was frozen in fear and prayed that he was dreaming and that none of this was happening. The dummy ducked to Frank's face with a psychotic smile and angry eyes, and it said with a raspy high pitched voice,

You think I'll let myself be played with, Frank!? Well, your destruction will cost your life!

The dummy started to strangle him and Frank could not breathe anymore. His parents heard him trying to breathe and barged into his room. However, nothing seemed to be going on and the dummy was still in the closet; its eyes weren't even broken.


Frank, what happened here!


The dummy was strangling me!

Sarah, which is his mother, thought it was a nightmare or a sleep paralysis issue.


Son, I think you were dreaming. Go back to bed and everything will be a-ok.

Sarah left the room tired out of her wits, and she walked back to her bed and fell asleep in a few seconds.

Frank made sure to check the dummy for any abnormal movements, but didn't sleep.

The next morning as he checked his closet, the dummy wasn't there anymore and so he started to panic as that possessed dummy could be anywhere around the house.

Sarah finished baking breakfast and called Frank. He arrived swiftly and ate his breakfast fast which surprised the mother.


Franky, dear, you gotta stop being so afraid of a dummy! It's ruining your life!


Mom, it's alive and I will prove it to you!

Some boxes fell in the basement and the two were able to hear breaking glass. Moreso Frank fetched his camera in his room and went to the basement. The light was defective and didn't work after a few flashes.

But that didn't stop him from filming the living dummy, so he slowly went down the stairs and activated the night vision effect on his camera. He saw boxes, Christmas decorations, pipes, spiderwebs, and more; it is a huge storage.

Finally he found broken glass and the boxes that had fallen. As he was about to clean up the mess, the dummy jumped out of one of the boxes and held on to his head while covering his eyes.

Frank panicked and walked backwards and he fell on his back on the cold, metal-like floor. The dummy then grabbed a knife and laughed diabolically.


You will soon be my plaything!

Frank screamed and grabbed the knife. Then he cut the dummy's broken eyes out and it retreated while hiding its eyes.


Son, are you okay in there?

Frank's looked at his camera and it filmed the entire attack. He joyfully stood up and went upstairs to his mother.

He showed her the footage and she freaked out


We have to burn it fast!

The two searched for the dummy everywhere in the house and their last search was in the attic. Sarah went up there alone with a flashlight in hand. As she looked at the ceiling the dummy was there holding on to the roof, staring at her. Sarah screamed but it was too late as the possessed individual jumped on her and knocked her out of consciousness.


I will not rest til you're dead, Frank!

Frank ran away as fast as possible and drove towards the police office, but halfway through he noticed that the dummy was sitting behind him with that abnormal smile. He approached with his arms and legs and jumped on Frank's shoulder. The car crashed off the road into an ocean.

Frank died by drowning and the dummy was no longer alive. Police investigated but they found no signs of what could have happened. Frank's mother survived the attack, but she kept it to herself and felt guilty that she didn't believe her son sooner.

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