Have you heard the Gongoozlers call?

well i had the chance to hear it and i luckily was able to escape his grasp.

But when you hear his cry then you will now that DEATH IS COMING!


But if you are Courageos and daring then you should retrieve the Gongoozlers tail as it is a mighty relik you could make millions of dollars if you sell it at the black market.

If you are afraid of the depths then you must face your fears and also face the Gongoozler.

You may find it in any body of water like your pool, lakes, seas and oceans.

It will drag you to the depths and you will die.

Now you may be asking (what is the gongoozler?)

Well its simple, its an ancient underwater monster that has red and dark red blooshot eyes and it has sharp teeth that can tear through your flesh and bones it also has arms and legs with 4 fingered hands and 4 toes and red spikes on its back.

The rest of its body is grey and dark grey and he looks furious and he is a hunter of all living creatures.

I barely escaped by fighting it with my plesiglass sword and i cut his head off as it was about to eat my head.

Everyone called me a MIGHTY HERO!

And they were saved from its grasp and we had a party to celebrate the death of this awfull beast.

But he was resurected and now he is way more dangereuse then before maybe it was cursed somehow by yet another evil foe called the mElOn MaN!

-Yours truly CrankGameplays aka Unus

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