Eric Henry, I already told you a thousand times the God of the sea is a tale told from generation to generation to scare people and entertain them! It is only fiction, understand!?


But sir, why don't you believe? I saw it with my own eyes while diving in the Indian Ocean...


And yet you have no proof about this frightening sighting. Stop lying to us about this nonsense and don't ever come back until you have proper proof!

I was kicked out of the office after this conversation and I swore that I would find the god of the sea and capture it on film so that people would believe me instead of calling me a liar or mentally insane.

But it was too expensive to go to the Indian Ocean. I only had a little lunch money left, so I asked the navy to offer me an expedition with 4 crew members that have experience in diving into the depths. Luckily they accepted and gave me their best.

Kevin, Alan, Josh, and Anna came to my house a few months later. They offered me money to get the expedition under way and I explained the sighting I had with the god of the sea. They all seemed to think that I was a lunatic, but they accepted anyway.

We packed our stuff and took the plane to Mumbai. Afterwards we bought a large sailboat, pushed it to the seas and hopped on. We waited for the wind to take us over the waves and to the correct location, which was to the middle of the sea.

It was deep and by that I mean extremely deep- 3,770 ft to be exact.


I feel as if I'm being watched. Do you guys feel it?


I thought it was my imagination, but it isn't...


Yeah, I also feel it. What's going on?


We should place a microphone underwater to identify what's down there.


Yeah, we may get the answer then.


By the way, Henry, what was your first sighting with whatever this is?


Well, when I had my swimming lessons at the Indian Ocean, I heard its voice telling me to join it, and I saw a glowing green light down in the abyss



The conversation ended there and we placed the microphone. There were the sounds of whales, dolphins and more, but the last sound recorded got us on the edge.

Gord 2

Everyone was freaked out and blown away by this low-pitched voice. We agreed that it said, "Come with me, children."

I recorded it and we talked a bit.


Could the tales be true?


Of course not, what makes you think tha-


In the tale it starts with the god of the sea calling his children on the surface, which is us!


Look, there must be an scientific explanation for what that thing was, and tomorrow we will find out with a camera drone.

We all went to bed, but Kevin started to cry which woke us up. He was standing on the edge of the boat.






What are you even saying? This is all getting out of hand!



Everyone was speechless and didn't know what to respond with.


He will free us from the torments of pain and anger and bring us to his safe haven.

Afterwards he dived into the water without a suit a glowing green light rose from the darkness infront of him, he reached towards its hand and the humongus creature crushed him with its hand and went back to the depths. We were all shocked and dumbfounded about this deadly stunt and it was hard to forget about it. The next morning we made a memorial for the death of our comrade and swore to keep going til the end for him.

We then sent a drone underwater to record whatever took Kevin. There was a lack of life under the ocean, which we thought was odd. We didn't see any sign of the god of the sea or hear him, but we wanted to find out what caused this unnerving, lifeless ocean. At some point the drone shut down for an unknown reason, so we had to dive.

I went in first and slowly swam to the vast ocean, watching for predators. The deeper I went, the more paranoia I felt, and that feeling of being watched was unbearable. The others went farther than me and I tried to keep up.

Our suits were somehow able to withstand the dark depths which confused us as they weren't meant to stay intact in such deep levels.

We didn't see anything but darkness. Not even our flashlights helped, so we decided to remain close to each other. Then a green orb lit up in the darkness.


Are we dead?


I don't think so, Anna...

Then we started to feel love and affection coming from the light. It spoke to us with a soft voice and beckoned to touch the light.

I tried to warn the others not to approach. Josh listened and stayed next to me, but Anna began to swim towards it without a care in the world. As she was a few meters away from it, the hideous God showed its full scaly body and its Anglerfish head. There were green circles that also lit up the darkness on its torso. It also had webbed feet and hands.

In a matter of seconds it grabbed Anna. It crushed her body and ended up by inserting her soul into its green orb. As it saw us it screamed and began to walk towards us. We darted out of the depths as fast as we could and got back to the boat. The footage I took was still intact.

We set sail and hoped that the wind would be strong enough to get us back home, but the creature grabbed the back of the boat. It almost made the ship sink, but Josh had a flare gun and he shot to the thing's head. It screamed and covered its face and retreated.

We were able to make it back home, but we would never forget this experience. My boss and everyone else believed me at that point and the news about it flourished in popularity.

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