My old bulky and huge TV was working properly for years which surprised me because I bought it from the '80s.

The quality was low, but at least it was in colour and the volume was decent. I've watched many VHS tapes and DVDs on there.

The reason why we had to get rid of it was because of an alarming TV broadcast that interrupted other TV channels. Our children seemed sad as we got rid of it, but the situation was getting too dangerous and eerie; it was our own lives or the TV. It would always take place after the multi-coloured error screen would appear.

Tv man

A few seconds after the error the screen would change to a dark, old and dirty basement with one light bulb dimly lighting the room, and someone was sitting on the ground without moving a muscle.

He was looking down at the ground and had his arms in the air with his hands on his sides.

Heavy breathing would play and we would just stare at the screen, confused and weirded out.

Near the end of the first viewing of this strange footage, the man stared right into the screen, and I swear that I heard his neck bone crack.

The light only shined on his mouth which had sharp teeth and dry lips.

The man's voice was low pitched as he said,

I'll always be there beyond the screen.

The TV got back to the selected TV show. We wanted to call the cops, but we had no proof about the recording, so for the moment we kept the TV.

Several weeks later there was another error and another alarming scene played. This time the man seemed to be holding balloons and we noticed that he was wearing colorful clothing. His shirt was golden and purple and his pants were green, and he had dark shoes. He was in a storage room this time, and his head was pointing upwards. He was also connected by cables powered to some plugs.

He scared the crap out of us again by rapidly moving his head towards us and pointing his right finger at us.

This time his nose was lit up and it looked normal, but pale; his entire skin was.

His voice sounded a bit more robotic in this one.

I know where you live.

Again we were shaken up, but nobody had any cameras at that moment either.

Two months later another footage appeared. This time the man wore a vintage TV on his head and was covered by wires.

Some even seemed to enter his skinny body.

This time he just stared at the camera with his arms on the floor, and there was static on his TV head. He was in our own attic. The static stopped, and he punched a hole into the vintage TV and his hideous wire-filled head showed up. His eyes seemed to show static with footage of our house.

He crawled towards the camera until his face would be the only thing that could be seen.

This is the evolution of Mankind!

The TV shut down and we'd had enough of this, so we threw away the TV.

Paranoia followed as the years proceeded. We made sure that everything was locked up tight and barricaded if necessary.

However, that man was wasn't human. It feeds on electricity and fear as it seems.

It made us have many nightmares so we decided to move out. Thank goodness because that creature decided to evolve the ones that bought our house as when we went to visit, it was rundown and abandoned. There were the victims dead on the ground, attached by wires and wearing TV screens, and they were shaking as if they were having a seizure.

We never went back there and we hope never to see or hear from the monster again.

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