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One- It could be that Grapple knows who the kidnapper is going to target, so he tries to warn the children ahead of time.

Two- It could be that the kidnapper follows Grapple and kidnaps children who don't listen to him (because he feels they deserve punishment for not listening to him).

Three- There could be something supernatural going on, like Grapple is the good aspect of someone or something and the kidnapper is the evil aspect.

Also, I wonder if the two are in cahoots or if they oppose each other.

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Here are a couple more theories based on the workout safety section.

  • Grapple thought the stranger had stopped and that's why he didn't think the stranger was responsible for the missing children (or at least hoped he wasn't responsible).
  • This episode was actually filmed before some of the others (It sometimes happens that episodes of a show are shown in a different order than the one in which they were filmed, like this), so Grapple didn't realize there was a stranger causing trouble because this was actually one of the first incidents.

Pokemon Dark as night version- The fact that the brother got the game, then was found in the state he was, makes me wonder if he were affected/possessed beforehand and either A) he got the game as a way of trying to tell the narrator something was wrong or B) he had lost his sanity & compassion and was trying to pass his curse to someone else.

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