In December of 2020, the director of "Spongebob 24" sneaked into the Nickelodeon studio before quietly opening the

Title Card

Nickelodeon vault and stealing "Spongebob 24". That's when he encountered a USB drive called "Spongebob 25". Curious, he stole the USB drive too.

That's when he put the USB drive onto his computer and noticed a mp4 file called "SpongeBob25" with a thumbnail showing a bloodshot eyed spongebob looking straight at him in the deformed stand pose. His heart pounded like he had been jumpscared. He sweated in fear as he clicked the file.

The Episode

The file began with a SpongeBob theme in Spanish... After it ended a title card named "spongebob 25" appeared; it just skipped to the episode instead of showing the staff who made it. It started where "Spongebob 24" left off with SpongeBob (still with his bloodshot eyes) looking at Patrick's house before entering it.

It cut to Patrick who is a creature which looks like Trevor Henderson made it (You know, the Canadian artist who made Siren Head) watching TV in his sand couch. SpongeBob comes in before opening his mouth, out of which comes a corpse. Patrick is so terrified before looking at SpongeBob and saying, "Maybe you should go to Squidward's house and put the corpse in his bed!" SpongeBob speaks something in a Czech language that it couldn't translate because the static noise was so loud.

Bloodshot Spongebob

It cuts to Squidward sleeping in his own bed. SpongeBob comes in before putting the corpse in Squidward's bed. Squidward wakes up before seeing the corpse and screams. SpongeBob is standing there in his deformed way just like in the thumbnail. Before SpongeBob walked closer, it cuts off with the Nickelodeon standby and it ended


The director was so terrified that he put the file in his folder named "SPONGEBOB 24 TRILOGY" before renaming the folder with one word "(1 more to go)".

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