The episode is short with its 2 minutes. It features SpongeBob having a mental breakdown in a messed up manner because he missed his friends.

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The episode begins with an outside view of SpongeBob's house and it fades in with SpongeBob, sitting in this couch with bloodshot eyes like he didn't go to sleep. It's because of a lockdown in Bikini Bottom.

SpongeBob twitches violently before he freaks out; his screams are like from a real kid screeching. The background twists by itself as SpongeBob tears pieces of his sponge skin off one by one with no blood coming out from it (It's because he's a sponge).

SpongeBob falls down before he screeches in a low pitch tone. "I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE" says SpongeBob as he lifts his head up to reveal his face all covered with maggots eating his skin.

Then SpongeBob turns his head towards the screen before he laughs violently. Then he turns back to Gary who is actually all decayed. SpongeBob begins to eat Gary's decayed body. After that SpongeBob locks the house door before coming back to eat Gary's now eaten corpse as the camera zooms out and fades back to the outside view of SpongeBob's house once again. The screen fades to black then the short ends.


The idea of this short episode was pitched in 2007 by one of the staff animators. Stephen Hillenburg scrapped the idea due to it being scary for younger children. However, the staff employee went to work on it. When the episode was completed, all of the staff went to the viewing room to watch it. It was because of Stephen Hillenburg telling the staff who worked on other shows to come in for a test of a premiere of a episode called "Night Light" before airing it on the Nickelodeon channel, which is not "Night Light".

All of the staff members got very confused by this while watching it. That's when the episode went to a bizarre turn.

All of the staff watched in horror as they continued watching the episode.

One of the staff members puked when SpongeBob lifted his head up with maggots covering his face.

Stephen Hillenburg realised that the scrapped episode had been completed. Fear came down Hillenburg's face as he tried to turn off the media player that was playing the video before he ran out of the room in terror.

After watching the short episode, one of the staff who watched it has now paranoia of working on SpongeBob, and the other staff retired from Nickelodeon for 1 year after watching the episode, causing the director of the episode to be fired and banned from the Nickelodeon studio.


However, for the last time, the episode has been leaked online by a unknown user. The video has now been deleted by Viacom to keep it secret in the Nickelodeon vault. To this day, SPONGEBOB24 is an urban legend and everyone is trying to find it.

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