Rogue is one of my most recent villains that appeared in a awakened souls chat and that will most likely be in other stories in the future he is a t-rex that survived the asteroid that wiped out most of the dinosaurs by remaining at the deepest point of the ocean until the destruction ended, he evolve by eating fish and seaweed.

Years later he came out and checked the asteroid it was emanating this strange dark ora and as he touched it his form changed into a humanoid like shape and something evil and filled with negativity possessed him his eyes turned red, he woke up the next day and the asteroid was gone without a trace.

All the other dinosaurs were dead except for him which made him feel lonely and rejected as other animals were afraid of him and refused to interact with him.

At this point he knew that he would be obligated to survive alone and rejected everyone else from approaching him or ask him anything at some point he began to be consumed by madness from isolation and so he hunted for other living beings and ate them piece by piece and transformed into it after eating the poor creature.

He was shocked when he looked at his reflection but had a devious idea, he would lure other animals and eat them as well becoming stronger in each dish now he was able to cut his victims with pointy claws.

Many animals went extinct because of him and the survivors moved away and then humans came to existence Rogue learned how to speak and rise rock spikes from the ground his strength didn't seem to be outmatched until churches were created and blessed items were put on display now he could not go near these places.

but the worst was when heroes started to save the world it began to be harder for him to hunt without starting a fight with these heroes but he never gave up and one a few times.

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