Okay, nobody may believe me, but Roblox admins are stalking me on Roblox. It's been happening since I created my Roblox account and accepted the terms of service.

The first game I joined was meepcity, and right when david.baszucki logged in and joined the game, everyone freaked out and wanted to take pictures with him. The game started to be filled with players. David played with some fans and did as they wanted, but his behavior became odd when he approached me.

He left me a private chat message asking,

Is this Kevin?

He wrote my first name and I was weirded out by the response, but I answered politely without questioning it.

Yes, I am. How is it going?

It's been a great day. Oh, by the way, thanks for joining Roblox

You're welcome!

There was a moment of silence.

Eh, yeah... why are you so quiet all of a sudden?

I'm just double-checking your information

Why? Did I do something wrong?

Is your address 155 Main Street, New York?

At this point I just left the game and I thought that it could have been some kind of hacker or exploiter that morphed into David's account to troll me or worse.

I told my parents and they checked the website thoroughly to see if it is trustworthy and it seemed like it. They told me to report bullies and exploiters next time I see one.

Next I joined "The Roblox Got Talent Game" and a few minutes of play time later, David joined again and started following my character, saying,

We know all the games you play. Let us follow you

I reported him to the staff, but an error popped up stating that the action could not be completed.

Wherever I went and however long it took he kept following me in game, so I told him to leave me alone.

He disconnected and others came to see what was happening. I told them everything but most did not believe me. I was frustrated at this point and left to check on my account. I was friends with david.baszucki ROBLOX Builderman and other site managers.

But I never accepted friend requests... I logged out of Roblox for the night and the next morning I logged back in. I wanted to have more privileges, so I bought a Roblox premium membership and bought a few items, such as most of the Rainbow accessories and a Dominus Aureus.

All of a sudden my account logged out by itself. I tried to log back in, but a message said that someone was already using it. I kept trying until finally I joined in and my dominus was gone.

I asked for Roblox to refund me on email, but they never answered, which made me extremely angry.

I deactivated friend requests and trades as at this point it was hard to trust other players and Roblox admins themselves.

So instead of joining a random game on Roblox I decided to create one myself called "The Extreme Obstacle Course". It was a speedrun type of obby but right when I joined the game, ROBLOX, Builderman, and David joined. They were watching my every move and chatted to me; their faces looked off.

You will never escape our gaze!

You gave us your information, so you are to blame!

We know where you live!

They were chasing my character and as they touched it, the game crashed and closed down. I reopened it and my game was ruined. My character was gliding around and the game was dark. At the end there was a perfect copy of my house and that was when I gave up and deleted my Roblox account.

That night I thought I saw a large man outside my window on the empty streets. He was looking through my bedroom window for a few minutes, and then thanks to camera footage he picked up a rock, but right when he saw the camera he walked away.

At that was when we decided to move out the next morning, but before we did I checked my emails one last time and Roblox replied with this picture.

We are sorry but you recently deleted your account, so we unfortunately cannot give it back to you. We would be glad to have you back onboard someday. Please consider it, we will be waiting.

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