The tickets have a connection to bizarre creatures that are caught in pictures and videos in different fairs and amusement parks, sometimes even at the house of the victims depending if they kept the park's tickets instead of throwing them away.             
Unnamed (8)

The beings look like transparent white humanoids with glowing red eyes and a permanent smile on their faces; some of their limbs stretch in an unrealistic way. Some are male and some are female.

The victims would be found dead in employee-only rooms and sometimes even their own homes with broken bones and expressions filled with terror.

No clues of the killers were uncovered but many blame the strange unrealistic beings that have been caught on tape.

These beings supposedly do not have bones and they can pass through doors, walls and everything that has been built by human hands.

The tickets could have been created by them to track their victims and crack their bones to resemble those monstrosities. Maybe they find pleasure in doing such horrible things to human beings. 
Unnamed (9)

Some say that they are broken and corrupted spirits and that they have been brainwashed or cursed by an unknown being.

Every time someone dies in these parks new tickets emerge and are discovered on the streets. Do not grab them as they could find you.

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