The episode's discovery

I've always been a fan of SpongeBob and my kids, Kevin and Sarah, are starting to get interested.

And I should have paid closer attention to what they were watching online.

At first what they were searching seemed lighthearted and entertaining, so that's why I stopped looking at their research.

One night my son Kevin came to me and told me,

Dad, have you seen the "Mr. Krabs Money Madness" episode?

I was confused as this isn't an official episode and replied with,

Where did you see this episode? It's not official.

He replied,

Well, I found a SpongeBob channel on YouTube and it had the episode.

Right when he said that I ran to the computer and it was on the SpongeBob channel. The description described that this was the official SpongeBob channel from Nickelodeon.

But I saw through their lie and I was infuriated that this managed to trick my son, so I reported it to YouTube and then checked the videos.

And there it was, the episode he talked about and two others. One was called, "Squidward's Last Stand," and the last one was called, "I was fired from Nickelodeon Studios." I decided to view the last one. It was one of the crew that voice acted in the "Squidward's Last Stand" episode; his name was Zack Luksenverg. He seemed sad and was siting in front of a low quality web cam and he said,

So I worked at Nickelodeon to help out on a project called "Squidward's Last Stand". The director and crew seemed trustworthy and nice. However, they were hiding the scripts and storyboards from me so I had no idea what it was about. Some others forcefully reviewed the footage and banned all of the ones that were involved with it.

The director gave up and ended it all, so I decided to upload it on YouTube as a commemoration and decided to upload my own animation as a prequel. I don't care if they aren't monetized; I'm lost and I have no idea what I should do next.

The video ended there. I warned my son not to view this account until I was done reviewing it.

 Viewing day

A few days later I decided to check out the infamous episode. It started like every other episode and the title screen showed Mr. Krabs holding a
money bag with a bunch of money in the background. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but this definitely wasn't canon to the show. 

The episode started at the Krusty Krab. Squidward was being annoyed by SpongeBob once again.

SpongeBob kept ringing the bell waiting for Squidward to serve the food, but instead Squidward entered the kitchen and started screaming at SpongeBob.


SpongeBob stopped ringing. He seemed concerned on the anger of Squidward which normally doesn't happen.

SpongeBob: OK, Squidward, I'll stop! You didn't need to scream!

Squidward dropped his diary, which looked like a krabby patty, next to the stove as he walked back to his post.

SpongeBob found it and thought it looked uncooked, so he picked it up with his spatula and placed it on the stove.

A few minutes after the diary started burning. SpongeBob responded with a worried scream and as he went to the extinguisher it was empty. He then barged into Mr. Krabs's office and screamed.


Mr Krabs: Don't worry, SpongeBob, everything will be-

The smoke started to multiply around the restaurant. The customers were coughing they got out of there as fast as possible.

Only Squidward, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs were inside, inhaling the dark smoke. They were about to pass out but they made it out, of course. Mr. Krabs was holding a money bag; unfortunately he dropped it.

Mr. Krabs: MY MONEY!

As he turned around the restaurant was set ablaze. It was too late to go back. He was completely shocked.  

SpongeBob: Uhm, Mr. Krabs... are you ok-

SpongeBob's boss turned around under some sort of rage.


SpongeBob: But Mr. Krabs, it was an accident!

Mr. Krabs: I'm sorry, boy, but I have no choice but to fire you.

Squidward was shocked by the news as SpongeBob would now be able to annoy him twice as much. He ran away back to his house and looked the door, completely paranoid.

SpongeBob cried and walked to his house. SpongeBob is supposed to be this happy-go-lucky character, but at this point his personality rapidly changed.   
Outside img

At this point Mr. Krabs was broke and returned home in disbelief. He told the whole thing to his daughter, Pearl. She was able to share some cash, but at some point she lost it all. 

Mr. Krabs had nightmares about the situation and stress began. He started thinking on stealing cash from others. He lost his home and became homeless a few days later.

At this point it was clear that he was losing his sanity as he always had this smile on his face. He started to pickpocket other civilians and steal cash from arcade cabinets. He even sneaked into SpongeBob's house and checked all his pants pockets, getting every ounce of money he could

He kept talking to himself, saying things like,

Money is all I need!

Come to me, dearies!


As he approached the defenseless, sleeping SpongeBob, a creepy soundtrack started playing. He was laughing this chilling laughter and his eyes turned bloodshot. His voice seemed muffled.  

You deserve to lose all your money as you're a traitor!

You worked with Plankton, I know it!


He was about to stab SpongeBob, but SpongeBob woke up just in time and screamed which alerted the police. The rest of the scenes were dark screens with police sirens and police officers telling him to give up.

Then Mr. Krabs found himself in jail. The cell was realistic as if someone took a picture of it and edited it in. Mr. Krabs wore this black and white prison suit. He was motionless and sad; he also seemed to regret what he did. 

The lights turned off and only his eyes could be seen.  He was whispering to himself. Two other human-like eyes opened right next to Mr. Krabs and there was the voice of Stephen Hillenberg saying,

It's over. I will guide you to a better future

The video ended there.

A few days later the account was taken down by YouTube for being too inappropriate.

So overall my point of view on SpongeBob has changed drastically, but I didn't stop watching it. It still made me laugh but at the same time it made me rather sad when Mr. Krabs had his screen time.

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