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Jefferson Delvon: He has green eyes and is the shortest of the family.

Jefferson Delvon, Sr: His eyes are also green and he is the largest of the family; he is Jeff's father

Eve Nelson: She has green eyes and is larger than Jeff, but smaller than his father. She is Jeff's mother

Jefferson Delvon was a nice young boy at the time and he stood close to his parents, Jefferson Delvon, Sr. and Eve Nelson. Jeff did get bullied a few times during his life but his father would always find a way to get him out of these situations, such as talking about it to the principals and teachers or scaring the bullies away.

Jeff disliked school but he never gave up his lessons and homework. A lot of other students were jealous of his intelligence. Five years later Jeff was ready to graduate and his parents were proud of him. Jeff dressed up into his graduation clothing, which was the colour black, and his parents dressed up in a luxurious manner.

The jealous students plotted Jeff's death before his arrival. Their plan was to blow up the gas station right next to the university as they arrived.

So they all grabbed a lighter and waited and the time came. They threw the matches near the gas station and it blew up. A humongous fire lit the university and its yard because of this action. Many people were burned and dead, including the students who started it all.

Jeff's parents unfortunately did not survive the accident. Jeff's father's final words were whatever you do, Jeff... always fight back.

Jeff was able to exit the car before it itself blew up. Jeff's clothes were damaged (burned and containing holes), his skin was burned and his hair was gone. He was devastated and ran to his house crying. He locked the doors and windows.

He locked himself in out of fear and distrust in the outside world and his neighbors for 3 months afterwards. He decided to bring a knife with him and burn it 1000 degrees to scare off bullies, and any human that approached him.

His weapon did scare off lots of them except for a police officer. He saw his weapon and the terror he was causing with it so he grabbed his gun and ran to him, telling him to put his hands up.

But Jeff turned around to the police officer and said,

Don't you dare arrest me, you maniac!

But the officer did not listen to his warning and he approached him with his gun, so Jeff approached him slowly. The officer shot him but Jeff was somehow able to block the bullet with his knife.

Jeff then jumped on the officer and stabbed him on his heart. People started to run away from him screaming.

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