Disney makes a lot of decisions that makes their own fans angry and sad, such as the removal of Toontown in the Magic Kingdom. I had no idea why they did that but I had to find out.

I was invited behind the scenes by a friend of mine that works at the Magic Kingdom as a janitor. I saw the utilidors and hidden sections of the park and I even had the chance to visit a studio of Disney's. There were many 3D models of rides and studio equipment for filming. I was fascinated by all the information and items.

This was my best Disney experience so far and a once in a lifetime experience, oh, right, I got off track there...

So as I was eating supper with imageneers I asked them the question.

Why did you remove and replace Toontown?

They seemed concerned and disturbed so left the room in a panic.

Whats wrong?

Sammy McKim

It was Oswald. He was scaring our guests and stalking them. I encourage you to cease all research into this.

But I couldn't stop there, so I kept searching for more info. I found a hidden video by hacking through the Disney World website and my answers awaited. Now I know that I've made a mistake. To prevent myself from getting banned I will keep the video private.

An imagineer was filming Bob Chapek and he showcased a future update for Toontown. It was a new character that resembled Oswald the lucky rabbit- well, a shrine for it, that is. There were pictures of Walter Disney and the character as well as flowers and dark candles placed on a large table; strange symbols would be drawn in the middle.

Fake bones and rabbit flesh would be on the sides. Bob would then speak gibberish and a huge version of Oswald would materialize from the bones and bunny flesh as they floated and stuck together.

The cameraman was speechless and Bob was astonished. At first the being listened to whatever Bob told him to do, but it changed when the being was moved to Toontown. As it saw the happiness and free will of the visitors it felt badly threatened.

Oswald 3D model

Oswald picture

The people were excited as the being was much more realistic than the mascots, and it became the most popular character until it began to follow guests and appear in other rides; some even saw it outside of the park.

Some vanished and some were attacked. Scratch marks and bite marks would remain on them. They would be escorted out of the park and given money for their negative experience and to remain silent.

To end the thing's life cycle they had to trap it behind a locked door in Mickey's house and put it to an endless sleep with some kind of vaccine. The sightings and attacks stopped afterwards and they replaced Toontown to clean up all proof of that thing's existence. That was when the video ended. In my opinion it was way too long but at least now I understood.

The next morning I returned to Magic Kingdom and I swear that I saw Oswald at Mickey's Toontown fair. He didn't look like himself anymore. His eyes were red, and his smile is humongous and there are 4 rows of decaying sharp teeth, and its claws are sharp. I thought he died! How can this be!?

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