If you see this message then i need help pronto. someone is stalking me and he isnt leaving any time soon the stalker keeps repeating the words Hello there and i cannot see him as if he was a ghost or something. i have taken medicine to fight hallucinations but its not that clearly! i took the recommended amount of pills and it didn't change anything!

Graple the apple-0

The voice sounds like a grown man and it keeps getting louder at the most unexpected times and i keep getting nightmares of being in a small cube formed room with no windows and no doors and the words HELLO THERE.

has been drawn on the walls with a dark sharpy. i think i finally saw the man he was holding a sign outside my house with the words, YELLOW DERP. smeared with banana chunks he wore the costume of a smiling apple with green and dark eyes.

and he was gone as i looked back at him i think i'm being followed by a crazed maniac please someone help me!

well the man gave me a vhs on my front door i watched it and it was a kids show about an apple mascot and he looked exactly like that costumed man but his eyes and mouth were photorealistic and put over the mascot. the mascots name is grapple the apple.

in the episode he forced kids to eat their greens by shoving them into their mouths while saying.


he would always say YELLOW DERP. at the start of the episode and to every kid. i'm not eating my greens that's for sure. and the stalkers gone i guess he was just trolling then sorry for the inconvenience. NEVERMIND HE HAS ARRIVED I NEED ASSIST-

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