Gambling addicts have a chance to lose all their money and become addicted in an unhealthy way as they would mostly lose in bets and games based on luck, but a few individuals had a much more terrifying and confusing experience that made them cease their gambling entirely.

One was named Frank Tenvors. He was playing poker with 2 more people. A few hours into the game Frank started to become warm, but there was an AC that was turned down. He could not explain why he felt that way.

Near the end of the game Frank felt weak and stressed. In the background he thought he saw a dark blue dragon humanoid wearing a suit. This just made him feel intense fear.

So he paused the game and ran to the public bathroom and washed his face. When he looked at his reflection, the same odd dragon was standing behind him. As he looked behind him it was gone.

He wanted to know if he would have won so he returned to the game feeling hazy and dizzy.

But his cards had nothing on them. Well, from his point of view. The others were getting impatient and the card master spoke in a low voice.

Stop scrambling your brain and do something productive.

Frank looked at him and noticed that it was the dragon fellow wearing the master's suit. He seemed angry and its eyes were red and orange. As he stared at them Frank's eyes started burning and fear grew from his subconscious.

As he looked back at his cards they had images of the ones he loved and then he fainted. He woke up the next morning in front of the table where he played and he was escorted out.

But there are two more experiences that make you think.

The next experience took place in a different casino at Las Vegas. Jorge Thompson was wasting his cash on a jackpot machine and he kept losing. At some point he felt scared, but he ignored the feeling and kept playing. A few hours later he felt tired and weak. He could hardly use the machine at this point.

He explained that at some point he felt as if his soul was out of his body. He was freaked out as he could not find his body for awhile until he floated out of the casino, and there it was lying on the ground. He entered his body and walked home without looking back.

The cameras show him leaving the casino and falling face first on the ground. The body had this blue light emanating from the outside.

This could have been the cause of a camera glitch or some kind of possession. The last experience is coming soon.

The final experience happened when someone left a casino in Toronto. He was caught cheating and stealing in the building and was kicked out. He was walking back home in the empty streets at night and noticed that someone was following him. He started to run but the man was still on his tail, and as he looked the unknown man changed his appearence to something that wasn't human.

It had a long tail with spikes on it and its eyes were red and orange. It also had a dragon's head and blue skin as well as sharp teeth and sharp claws.

The robber was able to make it home and he locked every entrance he could, but the creature passed through his door and grabbed him by the neck. The robber stared at him and screamed and cried at the horrors he saw inside its eyes. The creature laughed and vanished.

The robber was arrested shortly after and he admitted that he stole a few things and cheated. He received 3 years in jail but learned his lesson.

Overall these are some interesting claims, but more research has to be done to find out if these instances are caused by gambling or a certain dragon with mystical powers. I hope that someday I'll meet him and be able to talk to him. Now that would make headlines.

Written by Jack Jordan (Formerly Jack the stalker) 

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