My version of the Good Tails Doll was already explained in an older post.  
The good tails doll by soulz studios ddp1abl

But now I've decided to update it for 2020. So what you need to do is go in any room that is pleasant and filled with positivity. You can do this in the Day or Night.

You need a Bible with 3 candles around it. If you don't have a Bible then you can use this website on your computer. It also has to be in the same room.

Open the Bible to Daniel 12:1, the chapter about archangel Michael, then pray for protection against demons and sickness. You shall do so on everyone else you know of and the world. Pray to God Himself and Jesus.

Then relax and play this soundtrack. It's in French and it's about the presence of God.

Now The Good Tails Doll will take the decision to show up or not; it is entirely his choice. If you've done something bad then he most likely will not show up.

His blue gem may appear a few times and light the darkness. He may also appear in your dreams and play with you, even protect you from outside threats.

You may also feel his loving warmth. To talk to him you can do it subconsciously.

That's it for this page. Keep me updated if it worked and explain your experience.

The rarest sighting is the Good Tails Doll's true form which is some kind of angel with beautiful wings.

Also I have to add in that I created this character a long while ago and I think it may have became real to me as I kept imagining him. The brain can do many things, maybe even create certain characters.

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