Mr. David and Scott Cawthon decided to check out the first blueprint of the Montreal hotel location. It showed that this one would only be a reserved floor at the Bonaventure Hotel.

It seemed like a good start. However, there was no arcade, pool, or theater.

They had to ask for permission to purchase a huge floor at Bonaventure and they were gladly accepted. They started working on it in the year 1987.

Then they had to hire new employees that lived close to the hotel so that they never arrived late.

They ended up finding a night guard (Mr. Johnson), a receptionist (Mr. Williams) a CEO for the location (Mr. Franks) and a mechanic (Jack) and also a few performers.

Before the opening Scott and David came to place in the stage, help make the animatronics, place the tables and more. The hotel ended up being the best David had ever seen.

The gang sat in the restaurant for a meeting.

Mr David: Alright, everyone, we will pay you fairly. Don't forget to share the cash and we wish you the best of luck.

Scott: We will be working on the next location on the list. If you need help with anything, then call us.

Franks: Got it. We will make sure that this place remains in top shape and popularity.

Johnson: Yeah, you can trust us; we're experts

Mr Williams: We'll see about that

Scott and David went back home on an airplane and Jack created all the animatronics, like Freddy, Bonny, Chica and Foxy and even a rare shadow Bonnie animatronic. All these animatronics could be used as suits if they were to fail.

And afterwards, the hotel opened. Many people were interested in the ads and commercials, and there were many kids having fun and eating junk food, but there were only a few rooms.

Mr. Franks decided to purchase shadow Bonnie for himself by making a deal with Jack and Jack gladly accepted.

The animatronic was locked into Frank's office where he thought nobody else could access it. Nobody asked him why he bought it in the first place, but they all just forgot about it as time went on.

Mr. Franks was not a fan of misbehaving children as he had a terrifying past where children kept harassing him at school because of the way he talked and what he liked.

He seemed fine at first and nobody thought he was acting alarmingly. The animatronics were very advanced and interacted with the kids by singing and playing instruments and even serving pizza. Some thought they were too real.

At some point Franks reached his breaking point and some kids started to be afraid of him. He hated them, but it was the only job he was able to get hired in.

So at this point he deactivated the cameras and went to the storage room where the animatronics were; they were deactivated.

The next show was about to start and he decided to upgrade the animatronics in his own way. If a child were to call him names or be afraid of him, the animatronic would scare the child away.

He then activated the animatronics and they moved to the show stage. The employees were also there to make sure that everything was going well.

Eeverything did go well until one child seemed to be afraid of Mr. Franks. At this point the animatronics just stared at the kid that was afraid. Freddy started to chase him. The other kids also ran away in fear, screaming. The parents were shocked and angry about the situation.

And they gave bad reviews and lawsuits which damaged the hotel's interest rate.

A few months later the gang decided to meet up.

Mr Williams: So did anyone see anything suspicious when the animatronics acted up?

Jack looked afraid and guilty about the situation.

Mr Franks: Well before the show started, I found out that the cameras were deactivated and I thought Jack did it as he is the mechanic.

Jack: Well, I mean...

Mr Williams: I saw a man in the storage room before the show started too...

Jack: But I!

Mr Franks: WHAT!?

Jack: I may have done a mistake in the creation of the animatronics...

Mr. Franks though that this could go to his advantage.

Mr. Franks: What did you do!?

Jack: I wasn't as concentrated as I was meant to be, so some kind of malevolent coding could have been added in...

Mr Franks: I hate to do this, but you're fired!

Jack left without saying a word and changed his name as he didn't want to be recognised as the one that got fired from Freddy's hotel. And for the things he'd done in the past, he even changed his overall appearance.

Mr. Williams thought that there was foul play here so he tried to call Mr. David, but he didn't respond as he was building a separate building nearby his house created to abandon animatronics or sell them on auctions.

So he decided to call two detectives by the name of Jackson and James. They were free to investigate a few years later and they came in the year 1989.

Mr. Franks was stressed and freaked out that he would be getting lifetime in prison for what he had done, so he gave the two detectives free room keys and acted as nice as possible.

Both detectives decided to go to the room and sleep for the night. Because of James's snoring, Jackson wasn't able to sleep.

But he did hear the animatronics walk in the hallway and looked outside the room, and there were Bonnie and Chica walking in the hallway. This freaked him out and blew his mind at how advanced they were. Then he went back to bed.

The next morning the two detectives ate pancakes with the employees and talked.

Jackson: So last night I saw the animatronics walking. Is that normal?

Mr. Franks: Yes, they've been trained to free roam.

Jackson: Interesting.

James: Those pancakes are delish. Who made them, Chica?

Mr. Williams: Actually it was me. It came from my mother.

James: Well, you're very good at it.

Mr. Williams: Thank you.

They finished eating and searched for clues. James only searched under a table and went to bed, which disappointed Jackson.

Later on Jackson took his small brush and swept the floor in front of the storage area. As he finished footprints were exposed; it looked like Franks's shoe size.

Jackson didn't want to come to conclusions too fast, so he took a picture of the prints and went into the storage room.

However the light switch was missing from its socket, so it was pitch dark. Then all of a sudden the door slammed shut behind Jackson, locking him in.

Jackson decided to feel around and listen. At some point he touched the plastic body of the Freddy animatronic and lit it up with his blue light, showing finger prints. He took a few pictures of it and Freddy's eyes started glowing. It stared at Jackson then it stood up.

Jackson started to run for his life. As the plastic robot was reaching out for him and running after him, Jackson fell on the ground and sighed.

Jackson: Welp, these are my final moments.

Johnson came in from another door and sprinted towards Freddy. Then he electrocuted him with a taser which deactivated freddy.

Jackson: Who's there?

Johnson: Hi there, Jackson. Luckily I arrived just in time for my night shift

Jackson: Thanks, man.

Johnson: You're welcome. Now keep investigating.

Jackson exited the room from where Johnson came and waited until the employees would touch things. He then compared their finger prints to the ones he found and Franks's were a perfect match, so he told James and they started a heated conversation.

Jackson: James, I think Mr. Franks hacked the animatronics?

James: What makes you say that!?

Jackson: I compared some finger prints I found on Freddy with his and they were a perfect match!

James: Dude, you must be kidding me! It can't be the boss of the hotel! That would be terrible for the business!

Jackson searched for his camera to show him, but it had been stolen.

Jackson: Where did my camera go!?

James: Stop wasting my time! I'll do it myself!

James left and searched for more clues as Jackson was infuriated.

He searched for his camera for hours. He looked through the window of Mr. Franks's office door and saw it was inside. However, there was a keypad that kept the door locked, and Jackson didn't have the combination. So he went to Mr. Williams and asked him at the reception desk.

Mr. Williams: Franks thinks he's the only one who can open it, but I saw him input the code once. It's 303.

Jackson kept it in mind and input the code and the door opened.

He found the shadow Bonnie animatronic and it freaked him out. He then grabbed his camera and left. However, he heard something heavy move behind him. He looked behind him in terror and saw the large shadow Bonnie standing behind him. He instantly ran away trying to find James.

The shadow Bonnie animatronic moved fast and was attempting to strangle Jackson. Jackson was able to escape by kicking its head.

James and Jackson finally found each other. Jackson forced James to watch the pictures and he did. At this point he believed him.

The two detectives aimed at the killer animatronic and it stopped. Mr. Williams was also there frozen in fear.

Mr. Franks was inside the animatronic and he said,

Mr Franks: I'm done being a nice guy now. You've discovered too much

Jackson: Why did you change the animatronics, Franks!

Franks: To scare the kids away, and then I had to change Freddy to chase you because of your investigation!

James: You fat potato!

Franks: Now is the time to end all of this!

Shadow Bonnie jumped on the gang but they backed away safely. Jackson shot into shadow Bonnie's eye and then it went through Franks's skull.

He screamed for a few minutes and died inside the suit.

James: Jackson... what have you done!?

Jackson: It was self defense, guys!

Williams: Well, as long as you've learned your lesson.

Jackson: Yeah, I'm not going to kill anyone else, I promise!

Williams: Well, thank you for finding the culprit, and unfortunately-

Jackson: Yeah, I get it, whatever!

James and Jackson left. Williams called David and he finally answered.

David: Hi, how is it going, Williams?

Williams: David, I'm afraid that we will have to close the location due to someone tempering with the animatronics and because there's a literal dead body.

Mr. David arrived as soon as possible, closed the location, and incinerated Franks's body. He also had to transfer the animatronics to his animatronic fate building. Only one animatronic was fixable. The others were ruined and left abandoned, but Bonnie was fixed and upgraded to be some kind of servant and was sold at an auction for 6000 dollars.

Scott and David were left back to square one and they received a call from a hotel reviewer. He left them a message saying,

Kevin: Hi, I just wanted to tell that your first location was well received at first and that I would be glad to review another. Also I thought I saw a dark Bonnie animatronic walking out of the entrance and disappearing, so please call back as soon as possible.

Creepypasta Storytime Freddy's hotel Montreal location

Creepypasta Storytime Freddy's hotel Montreal location

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