Scott Cawthon checked the blueprints for the final Freddy's Hotel location. It was planned to be built in Tokyo, Japan. There was meant to be 6 floors, 50 rooms, 3 restaurants, 5 restrooms, 2 show stages, 3 kitchens, 2 arcades, one section for kids, 1 pool, 7 animatronics, 7 stage performers, 3 janitors, 3 technicians, 2 night guards, 2 day guards, 3 chefs and voice actors and musicians.

This was too expensive to build at the moment and Mr. David didn't give any of the cash to Scott Cawthon as he was in jail and kidnapped by ultimate Freddy.

So he had to find himself a job and he became a game developer that created horror games about Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The series was a success and he gained enough money to hire all employees and build this dream hotel.

He left pamphlets and talked to the general public to see who would be interested to work in this fantastic hotel and he managed to find all the employees he needed to finish the job.

After the building was built and the insides were done the Freddy animatronics and costumes were created. The animatronics were created out of plexiglass and they were electric. They also wore tuxedos and ties as if they were at a ball. The animatronics were meant to entertain and protect the clients if the guards were on a break.

Other animatronics, such as the Goosy animatronic, would go on trips with children and tell them stories.

There's also an orange and white, two-tailed, fox-like animatronic with a blue gem over his forehead. His purpose is to kick out visitors that break the rules.

And finally there is a crow animatronic that is black with red eyes. Many children were scared by this one and they swore that they saw the animatronic outside of the hotel.

One of them is named George, and he was a bird fanatic and he knew most things about them. When he saw the animatronic during his birthday party he was visiting behind the scenes. He saw the animatronic turning his head in a fast fashion and it stared into his eyes. He stopped moving and stared at it in awe. The animatronic spoke telepathically to George in a crow-like voice.


Beware, George. Death will befall one that you love.

The animatronic flied towards him and he fainted. A few minutes later he was awoken by a day guard.

Sam (Day guard)

Are you okay, kid?


Someone is in danger! I must get back to my family!

George ran to his family and they were all fine. He sighed and hugged them. They were confused as he didn't give them much affection normally.

Samantha (George's mother)

Are you okay, George?


I saw a crow animatronic and it told me that someone I love would die!

Davis (George's father)

Oh, I think you have been hallucinating or you saw a Halloween animatronic.


Come on now, Davis, he may have actually seen something concerning!


Can we go back home...


Okay, then, we will leave sooner.

The family canceled their one week plan and drove back home, but as they were halfway through the crow animatronic watched them from a tree. George screamed and tried to warn his parents, but it was too late as a truck was about to crush them so they turned the car into an incline and crashed on a tree.

George was the only survivor that day, and he saw the animatronic walking towards him but he could not walk away as he was injured. The animatronic stood in front of the broken car and George screamed at him.




It isn't your time yet.

Crowy flew away and the cops and an ambulance came to pick George up. No technicians remember building or seeing this animatronic themselves, meaning that they had nothing to do with its creation.

The suits are the same as the animatronics, but one costume is strange as it is a black and white, green-eyed bunny that's worn by an unknown individual. He sneaks in the hotel at night while deactivating the cameras. No one knows how but the night guards think he may be able to hack them.

Only noises of someone assembling parts can be heard in the employee only rooms so he may be building more animatronics without permission from the technicians. New animatronics were sighted and hiding away from the public so that they can be checked 24/7.

Employees have received weird experiences that are out of this world, like when a technician was in close proximity to a skeleton animatronic. He felt as if someone touched his back, and as he looked nobody was there but he began to feel pain from his spine, torso, arms and legs. It hurt so much that he had to leave early, and the next morning he was found dead with broken bones and a shocked face.

Scott Cawthon and some technicians decided to dismantle the skeleton animatronic and throw the parts away but the crow animatronic was not found yet.

One last animatronic came out of nowhere and it looked like a grey, white, and black raccoon. This was was reported to pickpocket clients and steal their valuables and food.

At that point no clients went to the location and Scott had had enough, so he built a red and blue cat animatronic that was specifically made to dispose of these animatronics.

Before closing the hotel for the night they turned it on and it began feasting on the animatronics. It even found the crow one and it ate them piece by piece.

The next morning only the good animatronics were left untouched and the others were found inside the cat animatronic in bitten pieces.

Scott was able to give everyone their stolen belongings and food back and they payed them for the inconvenience.

Finally they searched for the bunny costumed person and the night guards actually caught him. They removed the costume and the one behind it was Jack. He accidentally hypnotized himself during a seance in front of a mirror.

He kept repeating that Freddy's hotel was cursed and that it will always be until it is destroyed and closed for good. He was arrested shortly after and put in jail.

The Japan location managed to survive the curse and remained open. Many guests came and slept there and everything was doing great!


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