Mr david and Scott Cawthon checked out another blueprint on a florida location this one looked like a castle and was medieval themed the same kind of animatronics would be able to roam around freely and interact with the guests.

however these animatronics were planned to be made out of metal and they run on advanced computer coding and mode chips.

The two searched for other employees to help out in the building of this version they created many hiring posts and websites and luckily they got a technician builders a chef some servants two night guards and one cleaner.

They desired to keep their identity a secret to prevent unwanted drama mr david decided to be the ceo of this hotel and watched the builders teamwork and progress, they were incredibly fast and careful the hotel was finished after 1 month.

Then everything was placed inside and the team met up in Mr davids office without delay.

Mr David

You guys did an incredible job at building this hotel and i will give you a raise!

Mr david gives the builders 3000$ and they walk away to accept another job.

Later on the technician and other employees came in, the technician was Jack but no one recognised him as he changed his name and appearance his new name was Fred.

Mr david

Alright everyone now we need the animatronics and cameras to be made a fast as possible before this location opens next month!


Don't worry boss i got this

Fred created the cameras from scratch and recreated the animatronics and he finished them a day before the opening day.

The other employees were ready and the clients came running in but Mr david forgot to hire voice actors so Scott decided to record them and he did.

Everyone seemed happy and the kids were having fun with the animatronic characters they sang and danced with them.

Mr david patrolled the area and that was when he met the love of his life.

as he approached the backstage Amy was there and she looked beautiful she was the girl you would instantly be in love.

Mr david opened the door and walked to her

Mr david

uhm- i'm afraid that clients can not be in here


Are you the ceo of the company?

Mr david: eh yes but


May i get permission to visit this section?

She smiled at him and Mr david started to feel the love going through him.

Mr david

Sure i'll give you a private tour!

they checked the prop room and actors for other shows then they both ate at their highest quality restaurant.


You've been so good to me and you've founded this whole place your a legend

Mr david

well it wasn't easy but with these wonderful employees they made my father's dream come true!


we should meet up more often and maybe grow a bigger relationship

Mr david

yes that would be life changing!

They met many times at each other's houses restaurants malls and more and they watched movies ate and both each other gifts and then they beared children 3 boys and 1 girl.

theyre names are Jeorge Davidson, Kevin Davidson, Alex Davidson and finaly Ella Davidson.

Theyre children were givin free acces to the hotel, some were angered by this and desired to also get free acces but they were denied.

But accidents ruined theyre relationship as Jeorge was crushed by the freddy animatronic as it fell on him, Kevin died while falling down the stairs, Alex died from a deadly ilness and finally Ella died from food poisoning.

Mr david was devestated and wasn't able to accept the death of his children so he closed down the hotel and moved his childrens bodies into the animatronics to keep them alive forever.

Amy was devestated and they decided to both meet up and talke to her house.


David Have you seen our children?

Mr david

Don't wory they cant be far il find them!

Amy knew that he was lying from his expression.


Your lying tell me the truth!

Mr david

ok fine... they died but i found a way to keep them alive by inserting them into the animatronics



Mr David




amy and David broke up and this broke his heart he was the most absent in the hotel which caused suspicion to others.

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