Hello, I am Josh Samuel. I'm 56 years old and I feel as if my death is near- not physically, but mentally. My mother decided to send me to the doctors to see if anything was wrong with my brain, but they didn't find anything of note. 

I tried not to think about the inevitability of death, but it keeps coming back. But this was far from over. This year the feeling was there nonstop and it was mixed with dark thoughts on ways I could end my life.

And nightmares were filling my sleep about people I love moving on to the afterlife or however death works. I was crying and praying for them to live through a marvelous afterlife.

And it doesn't help that some people believe that there is nothing after you die. It just adds more fear to it and I don't want to be forgotten!

I must find a way to calm myself down. Maybe going for a walk will help.

So I just came back and it didn't help as halfway through I saw a dark-robed figure turning its head towards me near a cemetery. I ran away before it could chase me. I was terrified and I wanted to scream, but I was too tired from all that running.

I hope that I won't ever see that demon again!

Well I saw it again at 12:00 AM. Somehow I woke up and my backyard lights were turned on. I thought it was because of an animal moving around but no, it was that figure again, holding a scythe. It didn't have a face like last time.

I wasn't able to look away from it and it motioned me to come closer, but I was frozen in fear so instead it flew towards my bedroom window and vanished. I must have fainted as it was daytime when I woke up on the floor.

I made breakfast and looked everywhere outside and inside my house just to make sure that the creature was gone.

And when I returned to my bedroom the computer was on, but I didn't turn it on in the first place. I slowly approached it and it was on a page about the Grim Reaper, which was described exactly as the being I saw, but with a skull for a face and a skeletal body, and he of course represents death.

At this point I just wanted to get it over with and was ready to let it all go, so I ran to the cemetery where I saw him for the first time and waited.

He appeared before me from dark clouds and this time he showed his full form. He asked me for one last request before my death and I want this post to be immortalised on the internet, shown to lots of people.

I'm ready to move on!

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