It was a winter night when Jackson Mormons found his girlfriend, Natalia Bernan. She lived in the richest neighborhood. Her parents hated Jackson because he was a part of the poor category of the town. Natalia fought her parents to change their minds, but they still refused for her to marry him.

So she decided to move into Jackson's house to live there and Jackson happily agreed. They gave each other gifts and went out on activities weekly. They even got married in Florida. However, it all went wrong when Natalia acted immature and rude to Jackson's boyfriend because she thought that Jackson had stopped caring about her.


He tried to reason with her, but they ended up separating, which broke Jackson's heart. His life was miserable; he wanted her back so much that he would kill someone for it. He cried and screamed out of rage and sadness, and afterwards he snapped.

He decided to find her and get her heart to remind him of her. He searched for her by calling her parents. They oddly accepted to give him the way because they also hated her because of her drunk nights and behavior issues.

He found her on the streets alone, living inside a box. Jackson approached her in anger and she was frozen there to see him again. He showed his sharp knife, and in one foul sweep he cut her torso where her heart was.

He took it and he started cutting his own torso. He placed her heart inside his own body and stitched it in as he fled the scene, happy to have her back in his life.

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