Ben Denvers is a mystery that I tried to get my hands around for years.

There was no information on the internet as if Ben was erased from reality or he never existed.

But I knew that something was up and that he indeed was real back in the day as I saw him with my own eyes.

Him and his family lived at Domain Heritage in Canada.

He was testing the Majora's Mask game- well, to be precise, he was testing a prototype of the game.

It had no layout and no NPCs, but in my opinion this was a trap as whoever worked on this version of the game was fired for adding malware or an unwanted chip in the cartridge. I have no further information about this.

Ben later on bought the full version of the game and beat it 100%. He was well known back in the day as he had his own YouTube channel called Ben Denvers. He played Zelda games mostly and he was pretty good at them.

He had a sister called Clara Denvers, a brother called Harry Montook Stevens, a mother and a father. Not a lot is known about them, but some remembered the fact that Ben's brother worked on that early version of Majora's Mask, so he must have been a game developer.

Domain heritage

Him and his family were living a good life together, but his brother harassed him and made fun of him. 

Some say that it was normal as that what's brothers do, they fight and embarrass each other, but I think Ben's brother was jealous at Ben's popularity on YouTube.

The last they were seen was in the summer of 2002. Ben and his brother stated that they were going for a walk at the nearby river called the Dufresne River as they went. They were never heard from again.

As you see ben and his brother drowned with the cartridge and it was no accident as his brother was to blame.

The family called a search party and investigators, but they could not find any bodies or samples so they closed the case.

River Dufresne

Even the prototype of the Majora's Mask game was gone, lost forever until Ben's sister found it, but she could not finish the game as it made her too desperate and sad and even scared.

She was paranoid and scared to death by supposed hauntings of her little brother. She ended up going at the Dufresne river at night without telling her parents and she drowned herself.

The parents packed their things and sold their house. They then moved to Domain Heritage where they passed away of old age. This house was also sold later on after their deaths.

I've heard that someone found the game again and transferred it as a ROM hack, but my research ends here at the moment.

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