If you see this, don't let BEN know or he will delete this page. He can censor whatever he desires if he finds out.

I'm here to talk about the whole BEN situation and what happened to him.

My research has deduced that the one that calls himself BEN was actually called Ben Denvers. He was a trickster and record-breaking lets player. Oh, and I almost forgot that he was a hacker so nobody wanted to mess with him.                                                           

His family took good care of him and went on many activities. He also learned how to swim, but he could not when the accident happened. 

It happened late at night while he and his parents went walking to the nearest lake. It was covered with ice and a full moon shone through the thick clouds. His parents thought it was safe to go and walk over the lake, so he did. Halfway to the other side the ice started to crack under his feet. He tried to run back to his parents, but the ice collapsed underneath him. He screamed but no one came to help him, as if they ignored him or didn't hear him.

He froze into the depths of the water and kept sinking without ever resurfacing. His parents searched for him. They were afraid to call the police as they could have been blamed for his death, so they changed their names and vanished from Earth.

And now Ben desires revenge on his family, and their friends, and whoever mentions his true name by hacking his victims' computers and attempting to harm them with his newfound soul powers.

I think he used to live in the Domain la legend chalet somewhere in Canada. However now it is closed due to quarantine reasons.

I received a Golden N64 majoras mask cartridge as a gift from a reletive of mine, the cover had an elergy of emptiness near Great Bay which isn't the original cover i played it a few times and recorded the freaky occurences.

He looks a lot like the elegy of emptiness. Some people think that Nintendo created the elegy of emptiness as some sort of reference to Ben.

I recently heard that Ben's father passed away from a close friend of his. I decided to join his memorial at a nearby church. I never knew his name as he requested to stay anonymous. However, in his last words he stated that he regretted leaving Ben drown like this. It was the worst choice he has ever made and hoped that Ben forgave him.

As I walked back home I somehow felt his presence. He was definitely observing me. However, his presence felt uncomfortable but he didn't do anything wrong...

I had this eerie dream about the Happy Mask Salesman. I was nearby a frozen lake and there was this snow storm.

I had a hard time moving and HMS was standing in the middle of the lake, waiting for me.

He motioned to come closer and I did. When I arrived near him he laughed and crossed his arms, and I heard the lake cracking underneath me.

The lake broke underneath me and I sunk under the deep lake while freezing. HMS was staring at me sinking with that smile of his.

I woke up falling from my bed. I thought that I was thinking about Ben too often so my mind made that dream up, but this could have a meaning behind it.

There's a possibility of multiple dimensions at play here it is confusing but what if there's more then one ben that drowned out there with different outcomes depending on certain decisions and choices that people make.

I guess im the one that decides on the outcomes of this one, or its you guys?

If you are interested in this situation than you can join this discord:

Linx died by drowning in the same location where Ben himself drowned i dont think this is a simple accident  or coincidence  Hopefully she will be at peace. 

I had another nightmare last night my family were used as puppets as they were being controled by strings i could see them, but not the puppet master they seemed possesed as i saw that they were walking strangely the only one that wasn't controled was the happy mask salesman that stared at me from the outside of my house.

My family catched up to me and they started to strangle me and it was at that moment that i woke up sweating unconfortably warm.

Ok so i might have been wrong on some information on Ben Denvers il make sure to further my research into more trustworthy people.

i found somoen that could help out with this investigation and he was a friend of Ben denvers mother he wishes to remain anonymous.

He knew that Ben Denvers suposidly died before Ben Drowned did but he doesn't know the exact date thats all he could tell me before his disapearence which means that somoen is trying to stop me again!

I finaly found it Somoen called Benjamin told me he drowned December 25th 1999 i have no idea how he got the information but somethings are best left unknown.

A few videos were uploaded on my channel. Here they are in detail.

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