We have been trying to find a solution to the den glitch where Jammers cannot enter their own dens because of the never ending loading screen.

We have tried to add in some coding and remove some, but none of these seemed to change the situation in any way.

Animal Jam the den issue creepypasta

Animal Jam the den issue creepypasta

At some point out of luck I was able to enter my den, but something seemed wrong. Everything in my den was removed and all of my den items were recycled or exchanged, and I discovered that my den was locked.

But the truth is that I never lock my den; someone must have entered it during the glitch in some way or another. As soon as I moved my character I was kicked out of my own den.

This time I was unable to move back in, so I decided to tell other Jammers if they had the chance to go back to their dens. Only 1 said yes and odd occurrences happened while they were there.

One said that her den was being stalked by some sort of creature. As I asked her what it looked like she said this description.

It had a wolf head and a coyote's head, a lion's body and a spike-like tail.

I never heard of such a thing in Animal Jam, but it should not be in this game. She said that the creature was dark red and dark. It chased her animal until it caught up to her, and then the screen was entirely dark as bites and roars were heard.

Her Jammer reappeared in Jamaa Central as if nothing happened and she left the game under shock.

I tried to find that creature but I never was able to. It seems like its a creature from an urban legend, but I guess we may never know...

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